Thursday, May 2, 2019

When Ikea Gives You Oranges, You Make A Dress! [Sew What: Simplicity 8636]

Hey, hey, hey, when life takes you on a journey, you go to @ikeausa and buy oranges! Well orange printed fabric, you get what I mean! I have had this print in my fabric stash for over 2 years so, it was about time to put it to use. I am trying really hard to use fabrics from my stash for the remainder of 2019, instead of purchasing new pieces. But I will put this disclaimer out there, it doesn’t count if someone gives me fabric!

Summer fun awaits this baby-doll dress by Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity #8636. Although there was a lot of gathering for this dress it was such a dream to put together that I made 2 at the same time! (the other dress will debut on the Minerva Craft blog in July…. it’s epic!) This pattern is a great choice for little effort with grand results!! 



  1. Love this! Making this same pattern with the top using Ankara fabric. Hope it's as live as yours!

  2. That dress is soooo cute, and you are darling as you model it! Love the orange shoes, too. That fabric reminds me of Marimekko fabric.

  3. How many ways to say Adorable. I have that same fabric, sadly maybe only enough to make a top. You have given me courage to go for it. Thanks

  4. That is gorgeous 😍! And you are rocking the Hell outta it!

  5. Love this cute dress! Makes me think of Jamaica. Went there many, many years ago on an American Express tour. We went to a village just above Montego Bay. As we got off the tour bus, ladies from the village came at us with measuring tapes and asking if we wanted a dress. I was game for it. Two ladies measured me and my friend and as we toured the village meeting people and looking at everything, the sewing ladies got busy. And when the tour was over and we were ready to get on the bus, the sewing ladies came out with our finished sundresses. And mine was - orange! I paid the ladies for my dress and thanked them - couldn't get over how quickly they sewed the dresses. I kept and wore that little sundress for a few years. And that's what came to mind when I saw your "orange" dress. Love it. And just signed up to get your news.

  6. Love it so much and love the shoes you styled it with. Such a fab dress 😍

  7. I love the fabric/dress, but I am actually dying over your curls! I can only have hair like yours in dreams 😃

    1. Bahahaha! that's my daughter Mori with the fro and thanks for stopping by.

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