Thursday, October 6, 2016

DIY Square Cosmetic Zipper Bag & Lemons! [Tutorial]

Yes you can make your own DIY square cosmetic bag! Here is my tutorial showing you how to make a square zipper cosmetic bag for all your goodies. This tutorial is for someone who does not mind seams showing on the inside. I created this tutorial for personal use so I don't mind the seams on the inside. You can cover the inside seams with bias tape for a nice clean look but I just serged my seams. Let's get started!

1 piece of outer fabric 13X18
1 piece of lining fabric 13X18
1 piece craft fusible interfacing 13X18 [I use a foam interfacing but I have also worked with fusible fleece. The foam is more sturdy]
2  6 X 4 pieces of fabric for your finger tabs [the size is your preference for the finger tabs. You can make this piece longer and make a strap instead of finger tabs]
Zipper 13 inch or larger [I used a 18 inch and cut of excess after installing the zipper]

1. Apply your interfacing to the wrong side of your lining fabric
**If you are adding a sew in label add it at this time.
2. Now you're going to make a sandwich by placing your outer fabric on top of the interfacing.  The right side of your fabric facing out. Now pin through all thickness and sew all the way around your square about 1/4 from the edge. Either serg or zig-zag all the way around the square edges.
**You can do what I did here on another bag I made. I sewed around the lemons, through all the thickness, giving it a quilted look. It looks really cool and it is securing all my pieces. After I was finished sewing around the lemons I serged all my edges. Hope you can see the detail of the sewing.
3. The zipper install. We are sewing the zipper to the sides that measure 13 inches long. With the outer fabric facing up, place your zipper face down, starting the zipper placement from the edge of your fabric. Now stitch close to the zipper teeth using your zipper foot on your machine.
4. Now fold your zipper seam to the back towards your lining and press down. You will now add a top-stitch on your outer fabric, securing the zipper through all the thickness. Do the same thing to the other side of the zipper.
5. You should have a complete circle after installing your zipper. Flatten your piece with the zipper in the middle. Cut off the excess zipper and lay flat with your zipper down the middle and pin
6. Finger tab time! Fold your tabs in half length wise press, then open and fold the raw edges into the middle fold  for your desired width and then top-stitch.
7.Cut to the size you want your finger tab to be and insert at both zipper ends with the loop of your tab inside the bag as shown in the picture.
 8.  Make sure your zipper is open as we sew the ends together.
9.  No we have to box the corners. [Your zipper should still be open] Open your seam  as shown in the picture, pin and measure in 2 inches from the corner to up the seam.  [originally I measured 1 inch and that was too short. This seam determines how tall your box bag will be]
 10.Mark  your sewing line across and stitch on that line.
 11. Trim and serg or you can add bias tape
 Now turn that baby over and you are done!
Here is a complete set that I made to go with my DIY square cosmetic bag



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