Friday, August 5, 2022

Are Projectors for Sewing?


They can be! I had the pleasure of testing out the Vankyo Leisure 470 Projector, and I’d like to tell you all about it. This is a sponsored review, so I will keep it real cause that’s what we do on this channel.

My first thought about using a projector is that I would only use it on small sewing projects. I would not use it to sew full garments. The idea is to use the projector to mirror the PDF pattern onto the fabric. This would eliminate the need to cut out pattern pieces and pin them to the fabric for cutting.

The machine is sleek with all the accessories, including cords, screws, lens cleaning supplies, a remote, and a neat little case. 

They also sent me the standard ceiling mount for the projector.

I did a little research and found that there are a lot of sewists in the community that use projectors. I was able to find a lot of videos on setting up the projectors and calibrating them for use on PDF patterns. So there is help if you need it.

I was super excited to start things, so we mounted the projector and connected it to the laptop to get to work. But I didn’t know that I needed at least 10’ ceilings to use this particular projector!  So, sadly, I cannot review the projector as a tool for sewing. 

My ceiling is 7’ or 84,” and there is just not enough distance to get a clear image from the projector to my table. I found out after the fact that the minimum space from the projector to the image surface must be 52”, After adding in the mount and the height of my table I was only left with 36”.

I was a little bummed that this didn’t work out in my sewing space, but it did work just fine on my wall, which allows the needed space to get a clear image. Although I can’t use it in my sewing room, we definitely can use it in the family room for movie nights!

Vankyo does have a mini projector that may be suitable for people like me with 7’ ceilings. Although I have tested the mini projector, it may be a better option for smaller projects and limited space.  Other mounting options would allow the projector to be placed closer to the ceiling to allow the recommended 54"-62" from the projector lens to the cutting table.

So if you’re interested in using a projector, remember to do your homework and find the specs regarding the distance needed to use this as a method of cutting out your PDF patterns.

Thanks for listening, and if you have any thoughts on projectors and sewing, drop a comment below!

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  1. You don't need a mini-projector, you need a short-throw projector. The Facebook group "projectors for sewing" has all the tech advice you could ever need. But think about why.. People doing lots of standard-issue clothes in different sizes, like for a pack of growing kids, are happy. People like me who do alterations on fewer patterns and reuse them are nit so motivated

    1. You are right! It's not going to be for everyone but some people love it. I personally only considered it for small projects that I can view the patterns and not have to move anything around. It's a choice.

  2. This is so good to know! Thank you for sharing your review.


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