Saturday, August 6, 2016

DIY Camera Strap Tutorial [A Camera Upgrade just happened!]

I made a DIY camera strap for my new love!. I finally purchased my NEW Nikon D5500, an upgrade from my broken Nikon D5100. I love my old camera which is sick and needs repairs that almost make it not worth it but it's my first love and I will get it repaired for a back-up camera. I stayed in the Nikon family but bumped it up a few notches, I did not go pro because I ain't ready for that. This camera is super cool because it has touchscreen! Yeah baby, I can do everything right on the screen. I am going to take a Nikon class to learn everything that I can do with this baby, so that I get my monies worth from it.
So in honor of my new camera I decided to make a custom DIY camera strap tutorial. I used parts from the Nikon strap that came with the camera, which also saved me a little cash. I also used one of my eye-glasses printed fabrics cause I wear glasses, duh! This was a super easy DIY which I figured out as I went along. So without further ado, here is my DIY camera strap tutorial.

DIY Camera Strap Tutorial Supplies:

Interfacing [I used Pellon FF 7812 Flex Foam Fusible]
Coordinating thread
Pieces from old camera strap [in my case]

If you do not have an old camera strap, you will need these items:
Leather/Faux leather fabric
Nylon Strapping Black
Plastic Strap adjusters
Non-slip fabric 
I cut my pieces thicker than my original strap and a little longer. I cut two pieces from my fabric, one piece from my interfacing.[my interfacing is padded] Make sure the ends of your fabric will be the same size as your connection to the piece for the fabric to the nylon straps. I removed the connecting piece with nylon straps from my old camera strap
Apply the interfacing to one of your fabric pieces. 
 **There was a non-slip piece on my old strap, I just removed it and applied it to the fabric on my strap. I had to cut away the old sewing line pieces which made this a little narrow. 

Now place fabric pieces right sides together and pin for sewing. You want to sew three sides leaving one of the small ends open for turning.
 Turn and press turning in your open edge.
 Now you will  finish off the strap by  adding a edge stitch all the way around your fabric.

I removed all the stitching and I wasn't sure if I would be able to use the existing connection pieces. My pieces are rubber and I didn't know if  it would get chewed up when sewing over the old stitch lines. It came out a little wonky but it's OK, I can live with it. So you may want to make your own piece for this part. [ If you did not use a old camera strap pieces, you will now add your connecting piece, nylon strap and plastic adjusters according to the instructions. ]
 Taaa-Daaaa It's done!



  1. What a wonderful camera. Congrats Michele!

    1. Thanks Faye, I'm going to have fun learning he tricks with this new camera.

  2. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. You include all the details and the photos supported the text well. I have not used flexfoam yet and was glad to see how well it worked.

    1. You're welcome, this was my first time using the flex foam.

  3. I love it! Actually, I love them both ;)

    1. I knoooowwww aren't they both just he cutest things you've ever seen? OK so the strap is cute and the camera is a BOSS!

    2. Exactly! I have a Nikon as well but, it's kinda sad compared to yours! One day :D


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