Friday, May 6, 2022

1 Pair Of Old Jeans Makes A Great DIY Tote


DIY Denim tote bag
Here is a great upcycle that I'll never get tired of! Take those old jeans to create a carry-all tote that will keep your hands free when you're out and about. You can create this bag just by looking at the pictures but I have added the text to guide you if you need it. This project is quick and easy and it's a great group project for you and the kiddos or a little wine with you and the girls and your old jeans. I am not including any exact measurements because this depends on the size of the jeans you use.
Jean front
Press the jeans and cut off where the crotch starts. Front view.
Jean back
Back view
Cut out denim pieces
Cut a piece of the legs of the jeans to create a bottom for the bag. 
You will cut this piece as wide as the top piece and make sure this piece is on the fold. 
Remember to add in the seam allowance of your choice.
Creating the tote bottom.
Stitch the sides of the bottom piece.
Serg the raw edges if you want. 
Attaching the top and bottom of the tote
Pin the bottom of the bag to the top.
Stitch the pieces together.
Creating the side gussets.
Measure in 2" inches on each side of the bottom corners.
Now match that side seam to the center bottom and stitch together.
Serg the seams if you want to control the fraying of the raw edges
Showing the side gussets
You have now created the side gussets!
Showing the bottom of the tote.
Denim pieces for the straps
Now cut 2 pieces of denim to make the straps for the handles. Create the length you want for the tote. The width should be the same size as the D rings you will be using.
I serged the seams and pressed them flat with the seam running down the middle.
You can also stitch the seam instead of serging. 
Create tabs that will be used to attach D rings for the handles. 
You will make another piece like you did for the handle. 
The width of this strap should be the same size as the D rings. 
This piece should be 16" long so that you can cut out four 4" pieces.
Add the tabs to the D rings and stitch.
Attaching the D rings
Add these pieces to the bag.
Stitch the tabs to the bag.
Now add the handles to the top of the D rings and stitch. You are now done!
Finished denim tote
Finished DIY denim tote

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  1. My Goodness, this IS Beautiful! Thank you !!

    1. Thanks Dara! This is a cool and super easy way to recycle clothing and fabric!

  2. Could you stich this by hand? I don't have a sewing machine...


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