Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sew What? Series [DIY Top & Skirt MimiG Style Simplicity 8394]

Happy Sunday Ya'll! Let me just say I am determined to go through my pattern stash and sew up some things. After sorting through my stash, I just recently took more than 50 patterns back to the store because I keep buying the same patterns over and over. My collection is ridiculous and I need to make good on these purchases and sew them up. Now I have all of MimiG's patterns but I think I have only sewn up four of them and I didn't even blog all of them. So as I pulled out a few patterns to sew I thought I would sew up some of hers.

I picked out this cute set because I love the skirt. The top I was not so sure about because of the bow but I thought I'd give it a try. [Mori likes the bow!] I used a light weight denim for the skirt, I'm not sure that was a good choice for this skirt that hugs you this way. I gave up on trying to keep the skirt free from creases in the front for the pictures, cause we were pulling it down after every shot. I used a fun African 100% cotton print for the top. The pattern is a quick sewing project and perfect for a beginner. 

Tips on sewing this pattern: One thing that I suggest is adding a small square piece of fabric inside at the top of the split for the skirt for reinforcement. If this skirt is fitting you correctly which would be hugging your curves, you're going to bust that split. That is exactly what happened after we finished the pictures and walked up the steps going home. So I'll be adding that reinforcement piece. The straps were way to long, so measure before you sew it all up and have to make adjustments. I also used a separating zipper in the back of the top instead of buttons.
 This is what I deal with in between shots!

Until next time!



  1. What a great interpretation of that pattern! But c'mon who am I kidding you always have an amazing take on things! I love both pieces. Does Mori like the skirt too or just the top?

    1. Oh I never have to worry about pencil skirts!

  2. Cute outfit and I love the out takes!

  3. NappliyRooted (Brandi)July 19, 2017 at 7:38 PM

    See, I'm going to buy the I love the look, great job...Queen


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