Monday, February 18, 2019

A Little Red Lip DIY

I love a red lipstick! We threw my sister a 50th birthday party and she wanted a painting party at "Painting With a Twist." We had to choose a picture for her guests to paint, we looked through the billion and one paintings that they had and chose this lipstick painting. So I ran with the lipstick theme and found this cute lip & lipstick printed cotton and figured I would make the ladies a cosmetic bag. We also decided to give each lady a wineglass to hold their wine while painting. Well we couldn't just give them any old wine glass. I told Mori she could use the cricut  machine that's just sitting there!  Now up t this point we used the cricut to make one card and I used it for two fabric projects, we hadn't used it for vinyl. Luckily we had a friend come over and make sure we were on the right track. So 14 glasses, 14 cosmetic bags and 14 lunchboxes later, we were ready for a party! 

My sister and everyone who come had a great time! 
Kisses & Red Lipstick!


Friday, February 15, 2019

A Suit & Tie Story: Snakeskin and Studs a Match Made in Heaven

Hey Peeps! Long time no post! Yes I have been gone for a minute but I'm coming back and I have a plan! Managing the blog, the magazine and a full-time job it taxing to say the least but I have a plan for 2019 and that includes hanging out here with my peeps!

I'm going to start with this fantastic suit that was just featured in Sewn Magazine. I love this suit so much, I can't help but open up the magazine to look at it. These boots were the starting point. I bought these boots back in 2017, I walked into the store and when I saw these I grabbed them up real quick. We did use them before but I was still waiting for that one outfit that would compliment these beauties.

One day I was minding my business shopping online and decided to check Fabric Mart. I almost lost it when I saw this fabric. I ordered 8 yards because I knew that I wanted to make a suit and I wanted a few extra yardage leftover for something else. Now I wasn't sure what I wanted to make for a good long time and so the bots and the fabric sat there on the shelf for  long time.

We were doing a "Women in Suit & Ties" feature in the magazine and I pulled out the fabric, I ordered these 16MM silver studs  for a different project but I knew they would bling this suit out just right. FYI, if you ever get an itch to buy pronged studs this big, be ready to use your hands. I could not find any stud pliers for studs this big so I used a needle nose pliers to bend the prongs. I used over 200 studs, but once I got my groove it went fast.

I used my favorite blazer Simplicity 1421 because I love it and still have yet to find one I love more than this pattern. I paired the blazer with a shirt in the same fabric using Simplicity 1583 and the pants were Simplicity 8749.
The matching bag was an experiment that worked out well, tutorial coming soon!

Until the next post!

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