Monday, February 10, 2014

Throw out that old license plate? #that'sabonifiedpieceofartwaitingtohappen!

I remember my first license plate, it was TAM 218 on my 1984 white Ford escort. That license plate got lost sometime during my move in 2001. I never really thought about my plate being used for art but now I see the light at least I see the possibilities.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hang that damn coat up!

How many times have you said that? Too many times I would guess. I have a standing coat rack as you open the front door, I have hooks in their bedrooms and in the hallway. When my kids come home somehow their coats and hoodies seem to be better suited to lay across the couch, piled on the chairs and their most favorite place in the world, the bedroom floor. So I have decided to save my breath and step over the coats on my way down the hall! Well OK that's what I tell myself to do but my mouth has a mind of it's own and  again I find myself yelling"Hang those damn coats up!" So while my family doesn't use them I found some really interesting coat hooks including my newest  coat hooks that my kids will never use!

Shut the front door. when I went down to snap this picture, the hook was actually being used!

These horns were a dark brown color and
 I wanted to give them  a new life and a pop of color in my room.
This was the result. 
Enjoy the creative hooks below.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Remember those flower centerpieces I showed you before? Well here they go again.

Originally I showcased these babies as an quick and easy DIY that can probably be done with items right from your home. In case you missed that you can see it HERE. I keep them in a storage box all ready to be displayed at the drop of a dime. I decided to use the same centerpieces again for my book club meeting along with my black and white table setting.  Until the next siting, see ya!

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