Monday, February 18, 2019

A Little Red Lip DIY

I love a red lipstick! We threw my sister a 50th birthday party and she wanted a painting party at "Painting With a Twist." We had to choose a picture for her guests to paint, we looked through the billion and one paintings that they had and chose this lipstick painting. So I ran with the lipstick theme and found this cute lip & lipstick printed cotton and figured I would make the ladies a cosmetic bag. We also decided to give each lady a wineglass to hold their wine while painting. Well we couldn't just give them any old wine glass. I told Mori she could use the cricut  machine that's just sitting there!  Now up t this point we used the cricut to make one card and I used it for two fabric projects, we hadn't used it for vinyl. Luckily we had a friend come over and make sure we were on the right track. So 14 glasses, 14 cosmetic bags and 14 lunchboxes later, we were ready for a party! 

My sister and everyone who come had a great time! 
Kisses & Red Lipstick!


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