Monday, September 30, 2019

Sew What? McCall's M7922

 Hello all! I made this dress for Mori this summer and never posted it. This is McCall's M7922. I posted the shoes and the fabric early this summer and finally got around to actually making something. I thought the rayon fabric was perfect for this dress because it has a lot of drape and I was right. I cut a size 16 in the top because Mori's shoulders and arms usually cause problems. But for this dress there was enough room to compensate for the changes I usually have to make. There was no need to go up in size for the top but we did not try it on until we were off to take pictures.



  1. Absolutely LOVE this dress!
    Mary in Thailand

  2. Viking, however expensive, has a decent standing among quilters and other people who work their sewing machines a great


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