Wednesday, June 2, 2021

DIY Bleached Denim Jacket: A Rose is a Rose is a Rose....Even if it's on a Jacket!


DIY Bleached Denim Jacket 
[This is not a tutorial]
Bleach Art is a great way to give new life to old denim jacket or new denim. 
It's an tye-dye alternative and you probably have all the needed supplies right in your home!
My client Rosa saw the elephant jacket that I made and wanted some bleach art of her own. She found this picture of a rose, purchased the jacket an I did the rest.

Inspiration artwork
All I needed was bleach q-tips, chalk and a little cup.

After I drew my artwork I added a plastic layer 
under the jack to catch the excess bleach.

After applying the bleachart the jacket should be washed in detergent at 
least twice to deactivate the bleach and get rid of the smell.
Rosa loves the jacket!

*See my elephant bleached jacket HERE



  1. Beautifully designed and executed. I've seen bleach used to create patterns on fabric, but drawing a design in bleach this way is a new one for me.


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