Friday, June 4, 2021

DIY Denim Leaf Earrings Tutorial

DIY Denim Feather Earrings Tutorial
I am back with another denim project because as we all know I love me some denim!!
This tutorial of from our sewing magazine Sewn Magazine 
These statement earrings will have people staring at you for all the right reasons and 
they are so easy yo make...Lets do this!!!


  • Denim fabric  [dark denim and light denim] Scraps is all you need for this project
  • Fusible Heat & Bond
  • Grommets  [2 sizes] & pliers
  • Jump rings  [2 sizes]
  • Earring hooks
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Awl
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Topstitch thread
  • Iron

Create a leaf template from the cardboard for your earrings. [I just free-handed my shapes] 
Make 2 different sizes. Cut the tips off the top of the leaves, this will allow you to secure the jewelry pieces to the leaves. 

Make sure the sizes are noticeable and pointed in different directions.

With the denim wrong sides together cut  4 large & 4 small leaves. [total of 8 pieces]
Cut 4 leaves from fusible Heat & Bond.

Follow the heat & bond instructions to fuse the leaves together.

Add the veins to the leaves with topstitching thread.
You can draw lines or sew them freehand as I did.

Clip into the edges all around the leaf & rough them up with your fingers,

Add grommets at the top. If you’ve never used grommets 
follow the instructions on the package.

With needle nose pliers add a large jump ring, medium jump ring and earring hooks.
Make sure the rings and hooks are closed tightly & you are finished!

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial! 
If you make these please tag me so I can see them.
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