Friday, March 28, 2014

DIY Share:Straw Bamboo Light Fixture

Apartment living shouldn't restrict home 
or creative interior design improvements. 
Author Eric Christopher Webb (E.WEBB?!) of
 “The Garvey Protocol: Inspired By True Events” 
created this D.I.Y. light fixture project to camouflage 
rather plain, already existing traditional light 
fixture in the living room of his Baltimore loft apartment. 

What’s needed: Two wreath frames, wire, (disregard the shelf liner roll pictured), 
contact cement, bamboo table runner and four matching bamboo placemats, a can 
of metallic silver spray paint, four “S” hooks and four “Eye” Screws. NO TOOLS NECESSARY!

STEP ONE: Create the light fixture frame by attaching the wire to the wreath frames.

STEP TWO: Spray paint the frame; Allow a day to dry.

STEP THREE: Place contact cement along the outside of the frame; Then, wrap bamboo  table runner around outside of frame; Use an additional bamboo placement to make up for the gap, if necessary;  Allow a day to dry.

STEP FOUR:  Place contact cement along the inside of the frame; Then line the frame with the remaining matching bamboo placemats; Allow a day to dry.

STEP FIVE:  Screw “Eye” screws into the ceiling around the existing light fixture; Attach each “S” hooks to the corresponding “Eye” screws and then connect the “S” hooks to the top part of the metal (wreath) D.I.Y. light fixture  frame.

Estimated Cost: $40 or less.

To learn more about Author Eric Christopher Webb and his latest novel,“The Garvey Protocol: Inspired By True Events,”

From boring to fab for a little time and a little money! I like it!  
Thanks for sharing Eric!
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