Friday, October 24, 2014

Blog Hop...Hip Hop Hooray, Hooooo,Heyyyy, Hoooo!

Sue of Fadanista  caught up with me to participate in the blog hop, cool invite. I accept  the challenge and thanks a bunch Sue!

1.Why do I write?

Hmmm, I'm not sure you can really call it all writing on my blog but for the sake of these questions we will. I started writing on my blog because it was about dang time! I have always been interested in blogging but I was always afraid, afraid that I wouldn't be any good at this blogging thing. I like to talk about what I know and lately it's been about DIY's. I like sharing how to make fabulous things with others. I try to put a spin on the way I tell a story to my readers because I want them to laugh, learn and come back...often...I mean really often.

2. How is your blog different to others of the same genre?

There are a lot of bloggers out there blogging about DIY's, sewing, fashion and crafts and those are some of the main things that are on my blog. I look at the other blogs to be inspired and to educate myself. I have been learning the things that I should do and some things that I should not do. An artist at heart I'm on the top of my game when it comes to visual simulations, meaning that I am a serial picture taker and I proudly wear that badge on my chest! I try to push the boundaries in my creations, you know to give people something to talk about. I can only hope that I am more interesting than the others with the things that I create and my photography skills. Also, I like to share things, if I find something created by someone else I'll share that too. If I complete a DIY that is not my own I tell my readers exactly where I got my ideal/DIY from so it's not always about me....I mean most times it is but not always! But back to the question, is my blog different? You tell me.

3. What are you working on right now?

Too many things! Seriously, I just finished this awesome 70's maxi dress and I have a dress to cut out in three different sizes for the monthly stitch that I'm aiming to get done before Oct 31st. I have a new purse that I'm trying to put together as well. Oh yeah and my daughter is moving out of my house.....Whoot! Whoot!  so we are about to get down to do some serious furniture shopping in the next few weeks. I have two chairs in the garage to reupholster for her so, there will also be some Interior design projects in my horizon....and I'm also fixing up my basement for my sewing area....Ummm......I think that's about it right now.

4. What is your writing process?

Don't have one! Well maybe I do, I try to come up with a catchy title for my posts and I love to play with words that are so on the verge questionable taste that you just have to see what it's about. Everything after that is on the fly.

Whew, now that I'm done with that I want to share two bloggers that I found and are so inspiring for different reasons. The first blogger speaks to the Artist in me. That would be the one and only Cassie Stephens She is a Art teacher and not only is her work awesome she makes these spectacular outfits to boot. She loves felting and she makes me wanna try it when I get a second me to start that project.  And the reason that I started sewing again was because of Mimi G  She makes the most awesome clothing and watching her videos, reading her blog took me back to when I used to sew, I went out and bought a new machine dusted off my old ones and began creating again. She is so inspirational it's crazy!
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  1. Aw, thanks, Michelle! I love your blog as well! I'd love to participate in this blog hop, thank you for tagging me :)

    1. You are soooo welcome, I honestly wish I had an art teacher like you when I was in school! I loved Mrs Danzanti but OMG you are awesome and so inspiring.

  2. You're funny. I love your blog and I am going to check out Cassie & Mimi's blog right now.

    1. I try Charmaine, I try! Thanks for following my blog.


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