Monday, April 20, 2015

DIY Fold-over Clutch: A girl can never have too many clutches right??

It's DIY Time! Create, rate and review. The instructions for this clutch seemed to be pretty easy but the installation of the zipper is why I chose to make this clutch. This zipper installation seemed puzzling as I reviewed the instructions so I wanted to get down and dirty with this zipper!

Fabric for clutch top (cut 2 pieces 8.50 X 12 cut 2 same size of fusible interfacingI used both sides of the fabric I chose, one side is black with white and the other side is white with black.
Leather  for clutch bottom (cut 2 pieces 4.50 X 12)
Fabric for lining (cut 2 pieces 12 X 12)
Zipper (18 inch cut to fit. The navy zipper in the photo was too short for this clutch)

**From the tutorial:You'll need two 7x16 inch pieces of leather, two 5.5x15 pieces of fabric for the outside pieces, and two 11x15 pieces of fabric for the inside of the clutch.** 

Please note, I used my own measurements for this DIY because I wanted to use pieces of scrap fabric that I had laying around and I wanted my clutch to fold-over more than the inspiration clutch. I will say for my personal taste the bigger the better, so if I tackle this again I will make a bigger clutch. Below is the picture from A Beautiful Mess and their inspiration clutch.

   The process:
  1. Cut fabrics
  2. Press interfacing to clutch top pieces
  3. Sew clutch top fabric pieces to the leather bottom pieces
  4. Press and top-stitch that seam (optional)

    5.  Sew clutch pieces together leaving the top open (start and end an half inch from the top of the clutch)
   (This is the half inch from the top that is not sewn together)
   6.  Sew the lining pieces together leaving the top open (start and end an half inch from the top of the clutch) Also leave an opening big enough at the bottom of the lining to turn the clutch inside out once your done
  7. Clip corners and turn over and press flat. 

Here is where the shit hits the fan, it's zipper time ya'll!

   8.  Turn the lining back on the wrong side and insert the clutch into the lining. (right sides should to facing each other. Now you will sandwich the zipper between the clutch and the lining. You need to make sure that the front of the zipper is facing the right sides of the fabric.
    9.  Turn the clutch outside in and stitch the opening  in the lining closed, now press your little gem, you are done!

 This zipper technique is not for a beginner, you need to know what you're doing to sew in a zipper like this. The tutorial does not tell you not to sew all the way up the the top of the clutch, I came up with that after trying to get the zipper in with their instructions. It makes it easier the leave the half inch at the top. I did get the zipper in by their method and I like how it looks but I am not completely happy with the corners at the top with the zipper. I won't do it that way again if I make another clutch because it was too much work and there is an easier way to install a zipper!

So I give this tutorial 3 1/2 stars out of 5 because of that dang zipper! Try it for yourself and see what you think!

 photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg


  1. This has a cute casual vibe! I love it.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I hope this translation is correct: Multumesc mult si sper sa trec pe la mai multe proiectele mele

  3. Where did you get the fabric I love the tribal

  4. What type of interfacing did u use? Can u use feather weight interfacing? Thank u U Rock!!!!!!

  5. Hi, what type of interfacing did u use? Doo u think I v,can use featther weight interfacing for a clutch purse. Thank u You Rock!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Gurl! I did not use a heavy interfacing because my fabric was pretty solid weight, I used a mid-weight interfacing. I hardly ever use feather weight interfacing. If your fabric is heavy like a canvas or denim you could get away with a lighter interfacing or probably don't need it at all. Send me a picture when you're done

  6. Love the mix of fabrics! You nailed it (....again). Agree with you, I love a big clutch. Must admit that I did a big HUH... when I read your note about the zipper application. Definitely not for a beginner, totally agree that there are much easier zipper application methods.

    1. Right! I did make a few more of these with my own zipper install.


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