Friday, June 12, 2015

DIY: Now this is how you wear bling! Jeweled garment top.

How spectacular is the top of this garment? I know you just can't even find the words to express what it is that you are looking at right now. Who needs jewelry with this wonderfulness going on! I made this from 5 statement necklaces that were $5.00 each. They came in awesome colors but my objective was black and only black, so I had to whip out the old can of spray paint and coat it with a clear coating. I thought it would be cheaper to buy the necklaces than trying to find and buy chunky jewels. I love the results and it was not that hard to make. I reused the circle links to attach them together and I had to make some links out of wire.  I cut the top of my pattern off, this was being replaced with the jewels. I just put the jewels as I saw fit within the shape of the pattern. Linked them together and sewed the ends to the front and the back of the garment.



  1. I seriously think that you have outdone yourself with this! Not only is it wonderful, you did it.

  2. Absolutely chic!!

  3. Where did you find the statement necklaces?

  4. I purchased them from Wal-Mart, they were marked down.


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