Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Did you see my new glasses?

Yes, yes,yes, I have a new pair of eyeglasses! What can I say I have a problem and when Coastal.com contacted me for this collaboration, I was so on board. First thing I said was "Can I seriously pick out a pair of glasses that I really and truly like and would wear?" Their response was "We wouldn't have it any other way!" it was game on from that point. Let me first say that I am giving you the truth and nothing but the truth about their product.....(in my head I went to the best line of all times from the movie A Few Good Men. "You can't handle the truth!")

Now I will say my first on-line prescription glasses purchase was from coastal.com back in 2012-13 and my first pair was almost free but I went on to buy three more pairs from them. I loved all the glasses but the coating they used on the lenses sucked, it started peeling! They did replace the lenses in one pair. After that I went on to try some other on-line stores and I was quite happy with my other purchases. Needless to say I wasn't going to go back to Coastal.com because I had three pairs of glasses with lenses that were messed up.

So the main reason I was excited about this review was to see if their product had changed and to find out if I was going to become a paying customer again. First things first they re-vamped the website and added some pretty cool features designed to help you choose frames that will work for you. 
I already knew they had awesome frames because like I said I had purchased glasses from them before but I was like a kid in a candy store this time around! Not only do they have NAME brands they have their own brands that are just as stylish. It took me more than a week to finally pick a pair. (I have about three pairs in line for future purchases.) I picked  Designer Kam Dhillon's  Mina Frames I decided I would get a grown-up pair of glasses and these gold frames just spoke to me.  I love these glasses and I have been wearing them the last few months making sure I can provide a review on how the lenses are doing. They are fine, honestly I was a little rough on these babies just to see what would happen. They passed the test as did Coastal.com and they have won me back as a customer! My next pair is going to be these Derek Cardigan Frames.
I know purchasing glasses on-line can be scary but it's not bad at all! You will have a larger selection than your eye doctor could ever show you. I figure if I have to wear glasses, I'm going to have fun with it! So stop by and check out what they have to offer and the Customer Service staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have!



  1. Thanks Michelle, for your honesty (I just love how to speak the truth and always keep it real, no suga/saccharine coating from you, LOL!!!). I just ordered my first pair of glasses on-line (still waiting for their arrival), but I will definitely peep Coastal Glasses. BTW, love your glass Qween!!

  2. Oh Michelle, these new glasses are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I use Coastal to get my contact lenses, so I can attest to their great service and prices. I have a couple frames on my wishlist too for the next pair sometime this year too.

  3. You always pick the bestest glasses Michele!

  4. Really like the glasses. I have yet to try online purchase of glasses. How do you know how the fit will be? I have a small face and at Lens Crafters they adjust to fit. I agree that online glasses offer more variety and want to try it. So I am asking cause I am curious. Look forward to your response at lwlamona at yahoo dot com.

  5. You looks so adorable in your glasses! I just purchased my first pair of glasses online and love them too. (Not coastal). I will have to take a look a Coastal.com for future! Thanks for the review!

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