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DIY fringed Clutch Tutorial
[Hey Peeps this is re-post from my original because somehow some of the pictures disappeared on blogger and I had to get them back up for the tutorial]

Show me the Fringe and we can be best friends, for real. You see, me and fringe go way, way back and we've always had this love hate relationship. I love it  but I usually hate the price-tag that comes with it. I do own a few fringe bags  and I decided to add a new one to my collection. So another DIY was in the horizon. I knew I wanted a an over-sized clutch, cause in my world bigger is better. I also knew I wanted to make a circle shape or a least half of a circle. My daughter Mori, thinks it's too big but I like it and I hope you do as well. You can make a smaller version or even add straps or maybe even a different shape. It's all up to you. Let's get started making this masterpiece, shall we?
1 yard Purse Fabric (I'm using faux suede fabric)
1/2 yard Lining
1/2 yard sew-in Interfacing of your choice
20 Inch zipper (your zipper should be longer than your purse opening)
Bias tape (optional)
Template for the shape of your clutch
Sewing machine
I used a place-mat as my template. Place it almost half way on your fabric, if your using a circle as I did. It sorta looks like a watermelon slice.
Add a seam allowance for sewing
Cut out two pieces from your fabric, two of lining and two of interfacing. You should have 6 pieces total.
Before we start sewing we are going to cut up the fringes. Measure all around the curve of you purse or where ever you want the fringes. Mine measured 30 inches, so I cut my pieces 30 inches long (the length will go across the bottom of my bag) and 14 inches wide. (this is how long my fringes will hang)  I was able to cut 4 pieces for my fringes so that is 4 layers because I want a lot of fringe. You can make your fringes longer or shorter with one or two layers, do what ever you like. Now you can measure and mark you lines that you will cut for your fringes on the back of your fabric but I ain't got time for that! I free handed my cuts but if you can't cut a straight line to save your life, get to marking those lines.
After I was done cutting all my fringes (and this will be the longest process of this clutch) I thought they were too fat, so I cut each strip in half making my fringes really skinny.
Skinny on the left and fat on the right... can you tell the difference? I can. 
Set your fringe to the side. Now on to the sewing. You need to sew the purse fabric, interfacing and lining together. Purse fabric right side down, interfacing in the middle and the lining with the right side up. You should see the right side of the fabric on one side and the right side of the lining on the other, once they are all sandwiched together....did you get all that?
Now you can just use you sewing machine and stitch all the way around the purse so that everything is held together.
If you have a serger you can serg all the fabrics together instead.
I cut a little off the top of my interfacing and lining. The reason I did that was so I would not have to deal with all that thickness, when sewing my zipper.
Now sew the zipper to one side then the other making sure the match up. Make sure to leave excess zipper on both ends. Also make sure your front of the zipper is on the front of the purse. (you should to know how to sew on a zipper for this project)
Now with the entire zipper sewn on you will need to iron down the zipper over your open 
edge of the interfacing and lining as seen below.
Now you are going to top-stitch the zipper opening. Take your time and make sure your stitching is straight.
Make sure your zipper is open for the next steps.
Fringe time! Now we are going to pin in our fringes. Since I am using four pieces, I am going to the first two pieces with the right side facing the down and the last two pieces right sides facing up. 
All layers pinned
Now stitch all the fringes in place, not far from the edges.

Now if you want to use bias tape so that your inside seams looks nice, now would be the time to sew it around the edges.
I decided to serg my seams instead of adding the bias tape, although that blue would have added a nice touch inside the clutch, oh well.
Now open your zipper all the way so that we can let the fringes hang to give us room to sew our purse closed.
Now we are ready to pin our edges together and sew 5/8 all the way around to close the purse.
Now cut off your excess zipper on each end.
Now turn your masterpiece to the right side.
Lookie there, all nice and neat. If I had used the bias tape, that is what you would have seen inside. 
Oh the glory of the fringe, I can't stand it!
...and there  it is! 



  1. I like this bag is am going to try this

  2. Gorgeous and amazing as usual!

  3. Groovy! Perfect size, I LOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!! I have several fringed bags. I think I may just have to make one Of these for myself. Fringe and Bell Bottoms are the only way to go. So glad they are back in style. I am a 66 yr old Hippie at heart. I really like the things that you create. Such talent is rare in my book. Wish you lived close so I could just sit and watch you make your beautiful creations.

    1. Thanks a bunch Deborah! I'm a Hippie Chick as well!

  4. Cute!! I really like the fringes.

    I keep wanting to try a bag again but all of my attempts have been so, so sad. LOL!

  5. I really like that clutch! So stylish

  6. Very nice. You make it look easy. Going to give it a try.

    1. Super easy, just have to cut those fringes as straight as possible

  7. I'm very excited about making this bag. I checked out some faux suede at my local Joann's and took a swatch. When you cut the fringe, how did you keep the faux suede from fraying?

    1. The faux leather and suede do not fray. If the faux suede that you're looking at is a fabric for clothing then that is not what you want to use. You want a craft or home decor suede for this purse.


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