Monday, April 17, 2017

And the name of my NEW Sewing Magazine will be...............

TaaaaDaaaa! This is the name that I chose for the New Sewing magazine! You Like? This was always one of my favorites when I started searching got names. I did a search on Instagram and I said I would give a gift to anyone who suggested a name that I would use. Although this was already on my own lists of possible names I will be sending a gift to @shay_lafemme   because this was one of her suggestions in the name seacrh, [So @shay_lafemme   I need you to holla at me to claim your prize. Send me an e-mail to: Michelle]

I chose this name because it was simple and to the point and one word strong! Oh and I love this font! [For the purpose of the post, Mori is on the pages of the mock-magazine but Sewn magazine will not be focusing on my work, this is just for the mock-magazine]

I will be publishing this bi-monthly sewing magazine (6 issues per year) due to be released November 2017. The title “Sewn Magazine” will include sewing and DIY projects. This magazine will be serving you articles on diverse fashions and lifestyles, which is why our motto is going to be “Sewing is a lifestyle™.” And to top off all this fabulousness is the reason for this magazine, which is to showcase the culturally diverse talent that is missing in the national sewing publications.  I am going to publish a sewing magazine that would represent not some but all the makers out there including those who look like me.
In each issue you will meet new makers, get tutorials created specifically for the Sewn audience, some issues will include free patterns, freebies, sewing tips, tricks and back-flips, .....OK maybe not back-flips but I was on a roll.
I am gathering my team to represent the magazine in the best light possible and  I am excited about the contributors who will be joining my team. We will be dropping names shortly! But before we get to all that good stuff, let's deal with the necessary fundraising that's going on. In order to pull this project off without a hitch I need additional resources. I started a Go-Fund-Me campaign to raise funds for the publication of the magazine. If you are behind this project I hope that you will consider donating to this start-up. 

So DONATE & Share with a friend!
Keep up with the process and join our New Face Book group for Sewn Magazine!


  1. I'm so excited that you are doing this and I know it's going to be fabulous! I'm going to tell everyone I know to please go to the "Go Fund Me" page so they can contribute to the vision that is SEWN!


  2. I agree with Shari Michelle, you will be awesome at this and I know the content may be outstanding!

    1. Thank you Myra!!! I'm so excited for this journey, whatever it brings!!

  3. Looking forward to magazine. Donation on the way !

    1. Thank you so much, you don't know how much I appreciate this!!!!!!!


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