Sunday, April 1, 2018

All the World Needs is a Little Denim & Plaid

So if you remember where I left off for my last post I was able to use my Cricut Maker to cut out all the pieces for the stuffed globe project but placing the continents onto the background pieces gave me pause and I decided that was for another day. 

Well today is that day. Do you also remember how I decided that I was a professional after finishing my first project? Well even though I am a professional, I am not so sure this globe was the best project for me to dive into. After cutting all my fabric and then reading the instructions, I realized there were no pictures in the tutorial…none!

This project was supposed to take 1-2 hours, well that didn’t happen. I used three colors of denim for the panels of my globe and now I had to figure out how to place the continents on alternating colors of the denim. It would have been easier with one color for all the panels and a solid color for the continents but there was still the issue of placement which was going to make or break this globe.

I buckled down in my sewing room concocting a way to place the pieces. I found a way that worked for me but it was trial and error and guess what? I did not photograph the process! Ha! Boy was I mad about that. So, I drew up a few tips that may help you if you are adventurous enough to tackle this stuffed globe. (This post is not a tutorial)

This is the "Stuffed Globe" project, ain't she pretty? 
This project was made with the intention of using Cricut® Iron-on Lite for the continents.
First things first, you need to cut your fabric into 12X24 inch  pieces to fit on your cutting mat. You can see the adhesive on this fabric cutting mat.
I used the rotary blade to cut the denim and twill fabric.
The  first cuts for this project are the six globe panels. The Cricut Maker first draws on the seam allowance line and then cuts the panel. The Maker comes with a fabric marker but I wanted to use a black marker because it was my first time and to make sure I would see the marking on the denim. I  realized that I did not need to use the thickest marker, you can see it's pretty dark.
 All six panels marked and cut.
Now time for the continents in this bold gingham twill. 
Here are pieces that were cut from the gingham twill fabric. You can also see I put my mat through it with all my denim pieces and this twill fabric. You will get threads that are going to stick to the mat but not to worry the rotary cutter will go through them and the fabric you are using.The fabric mats can be washed, unlike some of the other Cricut mats.

OK Now this is where the fun started!
I fused my pieces to the panels so that I would not have any issues sewing down my edges 
TIP: See the dotted lines, well that happened because I didn't initially have enough clearance for my mat when it was marking and making the cuts and it was hitting my printer. Make sure you have enough space around your machine.
Now it was time to get my zig-zag stitching on. This went pretty fast once I got in the swing of it.  

TIP: After all the zig-zag stitching is done, it's now time to sew the panels together to make the globe shape. Make sure you mark you pieces so that you sew the correct pieces together. I used numbers on the back of each panel as shown above.
TIP: You have to pay close attention to piecing the panels together. You need to make sure that your shapes are matching up correctly everywhere. If you miss the mark take the stitches out and start over. My seam ripper was only a fingertip away.
 Looking at the world through Denim & Plaid!
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.



  1. This is so cool. I love the patchwork plaid.

    1. Thanks! I'm just glad I wasn't concerned about matching it, that would have been another headache.

  2. I thought about making this globe, haha! I love it! Especially in the plaid! So cool!

    1. Gurrrlll, After I had everything cut out I was like, oh snap, I thought about putting is aside but I was like nah, Imm'a do this. It was a lot when I had to figure it out but I'm glad I finished it.

  3. Awesome job, Michelle!!! B rillant imagination!!! Luv it!!❤❤❤Looks like a winner to me!! BLESSINGS!!

  4. I LOVE how you used the denim and blend it all together Michelle ... FIESTA :)

  5. Okay I see you..I like this a lot...I’m going to have to make one soon for my little boy.


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