Sunday, February 28, 2021

DIY Ironing Board Cover

Give your ironing board a little bling!
The best advice I can give to anyone who sews it to press as you go! Pressing the seams while constructing a garment will boost your ego 100%. It will also make whatever it is that you 
are creating look amazing. If you're looking for a laugh HERE is a post I did on ironing.

So this mini tutorial I show you how to recreate this mini cover but the process is the same for your regular size ironing board. I did a IG post o the large cover I did many years ago but the pictures are M.I.A. I wanted a mini board that I could put on my cutting table to use on smaller projects that require pressing. I purchased this table board from Walmart for  under $8.00, so this was a prefect price. Now don't get me wrong the cover that came with it will due just fine but once that gets Yucky you will want to change it up and that's where this tutorial will come in handy.

This board came with a cover and a thin layer of padding.
I pressed the cover flat and traced the shape on kraft paper. I wanted t make a 
pattern to eliminate this process if I want to make another cover in the future.
I am using the padding that came with the board but I added another layer of a thicker 
padding so that I will not feel the grid of the ironing board when pressing. You can 
get this padding from your local fabric store, they have all the fabrics you need to create 
ironing board covers and padding.
I used a premium cotton fabric for this cute it ths print!!!
You will need ne pack of double fold bias tape.
I added bias tape around the shape of the cover, this is the casing for the elastic or string. 
Pins it and stitch. make sure you leave an opening at the square end of the board 
where you will insert the elastic or string.

This is my opening on each end for my elastic.
I used a round elastic for this project, I had about a yard on hand. 
Using a safety pin or other tool you have insert the elastic through the casing. 
Once you get the elastic through, pull it as tight as you can and tie it off. 
I had to play with it and I think it can still be a little tighter for a snug fit on the board.

And there you are, a little bling for your board!

I hope this quick little tutorial was helpful or at least motivates 
you to give a little personality to your board.



  1. Beautiful job on this project. I love the fabric and what a cute table top ironing board. So much cheaper to make your own and more personal.

    1. I agree it's not necessary but it makes me happy!

  2. I love the fabric, do you remember where you got it?

    1. Yeah it's from Joann's form their premium cotton section

  3. Your post reminded me I've got to cover my old counter top board. Mine is pressboard, not metal so I'm going to be padding it with some scrap wool that has been hanging around the stash for far too long. Great tutorial, thanks! Now I'm off to dig out the double fold bias tape that I know I have somewhere. The cover is, again, a remnant from the stash and I took your lead and copied the pattern in oak tag.
    Theresa in Tucson

  4. Great job! I love the fabric, where did you purchase it?


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