Tuesday, August 10, 2021

DIY Flower Halter Top:Round 2 [Cult Gaia: Rachel Camellia Top]


Mori wearing the DIY Rachel Camellia inspired halter top.
Here is Mori wearing the second attempt at this Rachel Camellia halter top. 
Although it too is wearable like the first top, it was more trouble than the first top!!
Here are the comparisons of the two tops. While there making of this top was not meant to be a tutorial and because it was a frustrating process, there is no documentation of what I did and re-did....is that a word?? I promise in my final attempt....when it happens,  that I will document the shapes and process.

Basically as I told you in the previous post the biggest problem is making this top for a person with boobs. The only changes that I made in this second attempt was:
  • I made my petals thinner than the first top.
  • I made the bottom 2 petals on an angle so that they would be pointed to the sides without creating that gap at the waist. I did not attach them in the center as I did the first time, this makes the top stand further away from the skin...that wasn't supposed to happen.
So people, I am not sure if this is something that I will get to anytime soon, so it may be a wait until next summer challenge, we'll see.
........Stay tuned for the finally, whenever that is!


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  1. I love your persistence and I think it's worth it as it's such a beautiful top and I love both versions.


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