Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Mimi G Simplicity S8889 -VS- The Closet Core Kalle Shirt : Part 2 Closet Core Kalle Shirt

Tee wearing two DIY shirts that she made for Sewn Magazine

Here is part 2, the Kalle shirt. The shirts are similar in look but they were released at different times and Tee tested both shirts. In our previous post, we showed you the Simplicity shirt and now we'd like to share the Kalle shirt.

This is how Tee styled her Kalle shirt....and if you missed the video where she discusses the 2 click here.

Tee did an amazing job for this shirt challenge!
Which shirt is your favorite?
 Have you sewn either shirt?
Is either of these shirts on your to-do list?
Please share your thoughts!


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  1. I know you are a busy woman--like most women-- but I have to say I am really enjoying your posts. They are so informative and creative driven. So many ideas and introducing patterns and fabrics that are tickling my own creativity. Keep doing it--your skills are cold water on a dry day. I appreciate you!


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