Saturday, October 13, 2018

Kiss My Kimono!

Hey there! I  wanted to share this Denim Kimono that I made for the Sewn Magazine. 

When McCall's released this pattern I grabbed it up real quick. I knew this was the closest that I would get to a traditional Kimono pattern that was not a PDF.  I bought a few Rayon prints for this project but when I decided to use it for our denim issue, I opted for a denim fabric. I got this super cool Paisley print denim for my local Joann's and thought they were a perfect pair. I used a loud rayon floral print for the lining.

This project started out so easy and then I got to those Damn sleeves, the reason I loved the pattern so much. I removed my stitches several times, took a step back and said "these sleeves will not beat me" I then proceeded to rip out more stitches. Now at this point I'm starting to think that maybe these sleeves will beat me, so I put it down for a few. I ave myself another pep talk cracked my knuckles and got back at it.

Step 15 is where I lost the fight!!! [If you have made this and used the instructions successfully please, please explain this to me!!

The kimono is done and she looks fabulous but the damn sleeves wore me down and I had to nix the instructions and completes them my own way. I pride myself on being able to complete the projects according to the instructions. I know I could always figure out how to do it on my own but I refuse to let the instructions get the best of me



  1. You did an amazing job. I think they should put this photo on the pattern cover! Great fabric choice.

  2. Yours is a beautiful kimono. Congratulations on triumphing over disappointing sleeve instructions.

    1. It was touch and go for a minute....well maybe more than a minute but I got it!

  3. I snatched this up quick too! Cannot wait to make it. IDK what they are talking about with step 15. We'll see :)

    Beautiful work as usual!!!

    1. Gurl when you make it pleaseeeee let me know your thoughts on that process!! Thanks!


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