Saturday, September 8, 2018

Meet Ruby My New Machine!

Hey Peeps! Guess who's back?
Me that's who and I have a new friend. Her name is Designer Ruby Royale but "Ruby for short. 
I have partnered with Husqvarna Viking to create magical makes with this baby!
What say you, you don't know how to pronounce this brands name??? 
I spell it how I say it and now it's rolling off my tongue.

Now I'm just getting acquainted with Ruby so I still have a lot to learn. She is not only a sewing machine but she is an embroidery machine as well.

The first foot I used on Ruby was the Ruffle/Pleat foot to add pleating to this gorgeous fabric for a maxi dress. It was perfect, no measuring, just sewing and ironing. It's bad enough that you have to iron in all the pleats so I was ecstatic that I would not have to measure them as well.

Here she is in action!

My first project is under way, stay tuned!



  1. Congrats on the new partnership! Isn't she a beauty! I can't wait to see what comes off this machine, Michelle! BTW, this head wrap style though, where the video tutorial at? 😉

  2. Im getting one soon !! Hooe you enjoyed yrs

  3. Congrats on the partnership! I just started listening to the Maven's pod cast and loved your energy and gusto for sewing. Looking forward to seeing what you create with this baby.


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