Friday, August 3, 2018

Leather & Skin, Chaka Khan Style

Well Hello Peeps! I've been missing in action I know and I hop you'll forgive me. Managing and publishing a magazine and a full-time job is CRAZY!! So that's why I've been neglecting the blog but I'm back at it. I'm coming back with my Chaka Khan inspired look. I did post a preview of the top on Instagram and in the magazine so i wanted to share it with my main peeps.
I have a big bag of leather scraps and I pieced together enough to make a halter top. Piecing together leather scraps is an easy way to create custom greatness. I'm piecing together enough to make a pair of leather pants this fall. The skirt is the Janelle skirt from Style Sew Me Patterns, I blogged this when the pattern was first released. I pieced together leather scraps and this was the  reason I used brown tones for the top.

Hope you enjoyed this inspired look, just remember those fabric scraps can always come in handy so keep them for special projects such as this one.




  1. Oh, I love this Michelle! Both pieces go together so very nicely! I’ve only worked with leather skins once and while I found it to be scary at first, I loved the results! Beautiful!


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