Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ordering prescription glasses on-line, the good, the bad and the ugly

.....Just in , my new Specs from Retro Focus Eyewear!! Many moons ago I had a pair of John Lennon gold rimmed round glasses. Not every ones cup of tea I might add but they definitely fit my style. I just received my latest addition to my collection. I ordered a tortoise pair of Oversized Rounds. I'm in love again. I am always in search of the new, new in glasses and I think I was lucky to find Retro Focus Eyewear. I love their glasses and the prices ain't bad either. They put the R-E-T in Retro. Desi over at Retro Focus Eyewear sends a personal note each time I have ordered frames from them, thanks Desi. I only wish they sold prescription lenses with the frames but they did turn me on Replace A Lens that supplies the lenses at a nice price. My red cat-eyes were my first purchase from Retro.

I just started purchasing glasses online last year and my first experience was with Coastal, you can get your first pair free if your script is not strong. If your RX is strong, you just pay for the cost of your lenses. I love their choice of frames but I come to find their lens coatings are not that great. They always smudge and I have scratches all over the place. I purchased 4 pairs of glasses from them and when I contacted them about the lenses they replaced one pair and told me, get this "just because they are scratch resistant does not mean they will not get scratches with normal wear". I was like Duh, Michelle why would you think scratch resistant actually mean scratch resistant? I have a co-worker who also ordered from them and she does not like how their lenses smudge all the time either. I don't think I will be ordering from Coastal anymore, love the frames but hate the lenses.


I also purchased glasses from Glasses USA and they were really nice and the price you see on-line for the frames include the lenses. If you have a strong RX then you'll pay more for the thinner lenses but still not that bad. I'm waiting on RX  sunglasses to come in any day from Glasses USA. Side note if you don't return your unwanted glasses within 14 days, you will have to get a store credit or if you still want a refund you will only get 80% back. Buyer beware, I learned that the hard way!!

On-line purchasing can be tricky but you want to make sure the company that you're ordering from has a NO HASSLE return policy.  Those glasses you ordered may not look as good in person as they did on-line or they just may not complement your face. I ordered these zebra striped Jimmy Choo glasses that I was crazy over from Coastal, when I got those glasses and put them on my face they were hideous! I have not had any problem with returns from the sites mentioned above, knock on wood. If you don't like trial and error this is not for you but if your game, make sure you read the fine print.
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  1. Yes buyer beware. I like the fact that you can order online but you have to be careful. I had a few memoriable experiences with oredring online. Your cat-eye frames are awesome, I really like those.

  2. It's definitely a gamble. It's so hard to guess which ones will look flattering on your face. I don't think I could pull off those round Lennon frames but I LOVE them. So cute!

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  4. That style is never heaping accessories on yourself. If you want your eyewear to steal the show, then ensure that your scarf and earrings are not too showy. Eyeglasses online

    1. I'm not sure that's always true, it just depends on the frames, I have a pair of heart shaped frames and I don't care what accessories I wear with that they would stand out.


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