Wednesday, May 28, 2014

That Jeans & T-Shirt Girl is Irresistibly Boho Chic

Bohemian  Bo·he·mi·an  [boh-hee-mee-uhn]

usually lowercase a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for
conventional rules and practices.

somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle, they are not hippies because they can have an extremely wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art, literature etc they 
are usually very creative people. they are above all optimists, even if they can be very 
cynical too(it does make sense...sort of). they like wearing a mixture of weird clothes 
and mix different fashions together just for the heck of it. they like weed. generally 
very laid back and relaxed.

Mori took out her Fringed vest to create her look for a day of shopping. I'm calling this Boho Chic. 
This is a combination of different things that you may not put together under different 
circumstances. All pieces were pieces from her closet and a hat borrowed from her brother. 

Vest: H&M / Tank: Ann Taylor / Denim Short: American Eagle / Booties: Old Navy / Shades: Old Navy / Hat: Borrowed / Jewlery: African jewelry Stand

I want to end this with a tribute to Lucy Pearl, If you remember Tony! Toni! Toné! member Raphael Saadiq, he put this group together and he screams bohemian and the name of this group follows suit. I gotta pay respect. Have a gre8t day!

                                    photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg


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