Thursday, December 4, 2014

Easy-Peazy DIY Christmas Trees

When I decorate for Christmas I always have had a fabulous Tree. I mean I would plan out my ornaments each year purchase new ones the next and so on. I sometimes put garland around my door but I was sooo focused on my tree to decorate anything else. Last year I took on the entire house, um mostly cause I was now a blogger and you know what, I loved the results so I plan on decorating the entire house again this year. This week-end it's all going down once I get done cleaning all the rooms in my home!

I came across some pretty interesting trees while seeking out inspirations for my own. I wanted to share the top 20 that I found. I plan on trying one or two or three of these babies to get my decorating on. I hope you find one you like and it you dare to make it, I wanna see it! Oh yeah did you join my blog? upper left it's OK to hit that button!

Merry Christmas ya'll!



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