Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tulle Skirt: To-Sew-Or-Not-To-Sew?

I have made two tulle skirts this past summer. The first skirt was a short skirt and I used panels of tulle over a lining. The second skirt I  made that pink maxi you see above, for this one I used strips of tulle over  lining. Both skirts were a pain in my a*s to sew. I now see why they charge $100 + dollars for these skirts. I decided I was going to give a No-Sew skirt a try this summer. In my research to see how others are making them I came across some methods that I had not seen before and that's when "I said to sew or not to sew?" hmmm. Maybe I'm not the only one trying to decide which method to use. I'm sharing the top 10 you-tubers that I found interesting out there. I hope you find something interesting and useful in these videos. Before you go, take a second and let me know what method you like and why.

No-Sew Tutorials
Sarah's tulle skirt is sooo cute. As you can see she is super thin and she is using the crochet head bands for her skirt. I'm not gonna hate on her shinny-ness but I'm just sayin'. I like the way she makes it a little longer in the back for your booty. Although she did not make her skirt for regular wear it's still a winner.

Mikki's uses elastic on her full tulle skirt. she uses like four strips of tulle for each application she ties on the the elastic, making a thicker knot at the waist.  It is super full and works well if adding a belt, This method would not work well for a fuller figure and she acknowledges this in her tutorial.

Danie O
Danie's video had me cracking up! Now on her skirt she is actually using a piece of tulle for her waistband. This is something that I have not come across in my tulle research journey. Check out her channel she's got some other funny stuff out there! Thanks for the tulle and the laughs!

Shel used the most interesting method for her elastic that I have eva seen. She fused her elastic ends together with stitch witchery, yep that's exactly what I said. I don't know bout ya'll but I ain't too sure bout that one. I guess no one really handles tulle skirts as they do everyday clothes so it might be alright...maybe, I'm still mulling over that one Shel.

 Miss Kris
Miss Kris is the truth! This chic has a lot of must see DIY's and other videos. For this tulle skirt she is wrapping her tulle on a belt and this was the first time I had seen that and I thought this was awesome...oh yeah and the navy is my ish!

Sewing Tutorials
You will notice that the sewing videos are longer that the No-Sew videos

This is a sewing tutorial using strips of tulle and I thought this tutorial would be a easy sew tutorial.

Tabitha's uses mesh and tulle for h skirt. This tutorial is not for the person who does not know how to sew! She does have another tutorial using a circle skirt to follow up on this one. I chose this one because the shape of this skirt is a little different from all the others. 

Shari Williams
I like Shari's skirt because she is using the same method you would use to make a circle skirt. This to me seems that it would be less cumbersome when sewing the tulle. Shari is super thorough in her video so it is longer that the others and has a part II. You have to check this lady out because she is fierce with her style, she's a BOSS! This is on my list to try.

 Amy Mildren Photography
Amy's  method is a little labor intensive as if working with tulle isn't already hard enough but the end result...is fabulous! This is a dramatic skirt for sure, I could see this for a photo shoot, which is what I think she used it for or a Holiday party or a black tie event.

  Melony Smith
Melony used a technique that I hadn't seen before on her tulle skirt. I'm gonna call it the tuck and tack method. She uses elastic for the waist band and tucks in one end of the tulle over the elastic and sews the the tulle together right under the elastic band. You're probably not picking up what I'm putting down so watch the video
 photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg



  1. Thanks For breaking the various methods down for us. I just purchased at least 40 yards of tulle to make a couple of skirts. I was going to search the different methods. And this blog came right on time.

    1. Good luck Melissa you should have enough tulle on hand for the project. Let me know the outcome and share on my FB page! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love the top picture! I've never tried making a tulle skirt, but I think that it would be fun to do so for both myself and my daughter!

    1. Thanks that's my daughter Mori. If you're doing it with your daughter you nay want to try the no-sew tulle skirt. If you make one be sure to share!

  3. Hey Michelle! This is such a fabulous post sista I truly appreciate you thinking enough of my video to spread the word. You also introduced me to some other fab ladies via this post that I intend to look into as well. I always enjoy your post and this one is no different!AWESOME! Keep doing what you're doing here I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

    1. Hey Shari I'm all about sharing and you are so amazing in what you do! I think showing all the variations of making a tulle skirt will help someone. I'm glad your enjoying the blog!

  4. This is an excellent post! I've been craving a tulle skirt for so long. Surely I can pull of one of these methods.

    1. Yes, you can pull it off! Share pics on my FB page when you do. Thanks for stopping by,

  5. I adore these! There was a tulle skirt I saw a while back that was not super poofy and I fell in love! Now you just gave me the inspiration I need to make my own! Thanks for sharing at Totally Terrific Tuesday! I hope to see you again tomorrow 10pm eastern for the next party!! pinned and shared!
    Jess www.liverandomlysimple.com

  6. Sew or not sew...whatever you choose the tulle skirts are adorable! Thanks for sharing at Totally Terrific Tuesday! I hope you stop by again this week. The party starts tonight at 10pm!

  7. This looks so very helpful, thank you very much

    1. Hey it's you! Thanks do much for taking a minute to stop by, Power to the Tulle Skirt!

  8. Hey Michelle!

    Great post! Great page! + I really appreciate you including my video too! So here’s my opinion on to sew or not to sew- I obviously prefer NOT to sew! First I didn’t really have the time for that, second (which probably should be my first) I’m terrified of the sewing machine! Like I think it’s gonna chew up my fingers! So scawie lol so when it came to making this skirt it was a no brainer for me. I was using this for a mommy and baby photo shoot so I never planned on rocking it to church ya know! But if that were the case maybe I would have taken more time and the chance with the sewing machine. When people decide they want to take on this project they should consider what works for them. As long as you love the outcome do what’s best for you! Keep up the great work with the blog!!

    Danie xo

    1. Danie, Thanks so much for showing your face over here! It came out great and this summer I think I'm going to make a no-sew skirt for myself. It was interesting to see how you guys put them together some slightly different than others but good tips all the same. Hey don't be a stranger!

  9. Sadly, I'm just seeing this post...
    Thanks for the feature!
    But I love the read and you definitely have a subscriber out of me. lol
    Hope you had a great year?!

    1. NO problem girl, thanks for stopping by! Happy New Years to you!


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