Friday, May 22, 2015

Sew What? Trash bags into a dress,that's what!

"Rippin Ain't Easy" Sewing competition Challenge 6. This is the last challenge before the finale. This is my last chance to make it to the finale and I need your votes to do it! Please take a second to cast a vote over at

I chose to use trash bags for this challenge because if I messed up I would always be able to get more trash bags! So, we all know that trash bag fashions has been done before so my challenge was to bring in some textures to make these trash bags look like material.......leather maybe? Supplies: McCall's MP434/Trash bags/Masking tape/ Packing tape/Thread/ Batting & Gold spray paint

I cut the trash bags into long strips so that I could weave them together to make the bodice piece.  This was a long process and I was able to watch at a bunch of ID TV while weaving this material. OK I didn't really watch it but I listened. My next step was to top stitch the thinner trash bags  with batting between two layers for the halter and finally I applied a wave top-stitch on the contractor grade bags for the bottom of the dress. 

This dress required a lot of prep before I was actually able to sew anything together but it all came together very nicely. I think my weaving makes the trash bags look like leather. I also love how the dress looks in the trash-bag black but I made a black outfit for my last challenge. Anyway the plan had always been to paint it gold, so I stuck with the plan. Check out my other post to see this Golden masterpiece and don’t forget to vote!

McCall's MP434

(I tested the gold spray paint on the top)

Please don't forget to vote!


  1. Ms. Lady, you are a creative genius. .. I have casted my vote.

    1. Thanks Sheila! I appreciate your vote an your kind words!

  2. You are awesome you are very creative I lopve everything you did throughout this competition

    1. HI TI, Thanks for voting for me and I am glad you're enjoying my work. This competition has been an experience.


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