Monday, January 11, 2016

The 10 most Interesting questions & comments made in 2015!

Here are some of the most asked questions  here on the blog and some of my favorite comments from 2015

Number 1: Can you make me that?

At first I said no to everyone who asked me and then I decided to take on a few clients. What I started doing was having serious inquiries e-mail me and then I would provide them with the details and pricing, Funny thing happened is in most cases after I sent them the information, I would never hear from them again....go figure! Some people even got offended when I said to them I usually loose people when I give them a price for the item they want. So I tell Peeps,  if you want that Maxi skirt for $40.00 holla at someone on facebook, I'm sure you'll find someone to make for that price. I ain't knocking nobody's hustle but I ain't got time for dat!

Number 2: "You look really good in that outfit."

Can I just say that I understand that if you are new to my blog and  you see one of my pictures somewhere you may not know that this is my daughter and think that I am posting a picture of myself. But damn it all the heck, if you come to my blog and see my picture on the home page, you should know that it's not me in the picture. Or, or, or if I put a disclaimer "This is my daughter Mori in the post, then whhhhhyyyyyy would someone say "You look really good in that outfit."  I am seriously getting t-shirts made in 2016 that say, "No it's not me in the pictures, it's my daughter Mori"
Number 3:  Did you win the contest?

Why yes I did win the First Annual Rippin' Ain't Easy Sewing competition hosted by PrettyGirsSew! I was introduced to some super cool ladies whom I will call my friends. I was also put to the limits to create something worthy to out-do my competitors and I did come out victorious.
Number 4: " I saw that someone else posted your outfit as their own design."

Yeah so did I! I've seen my work all over facebook & Instagram. Some of it was for inspiration or reposts but some where down right taking credit for my work or comparing their work to mine!  This one totally took credit for my design, she did not acknowledge my original design AT ALL! She did a really good job but damn, damn, damn! [In my Florida Evans voice]. 
I am inspired by a lot work work out there but I most definitely would give credit to the owner of the design. That's all I'm saying peeps!

Number 5: What kind of camera do you use?

I am upgrading in 2016 I will stay with Nikon but a newer model.
Number 6: That was made out of whaaaaaat?

Yes that dress was made from trash bags, heffty, heffty, heffty! This my unconventional entry for the Rippin' Ain't Easy Sewing competition. I love the fact that I was forced to create clothing from something other than fabric, this was an awesome challenge. I was scared but I was also excited. I also learned the difference between trash bags brands and the different thickness that work for garments and the ones that are more challenging  to work with.  So if you need guidance on picking out trash bags for your next garment I'm your gal!

Number 7: Are you going to have another sew-along?

Yes! I got you in 2016!!

Number 8: " are no words... Your talent is utterly ridiculous! You better not EVER take another sewing hiatus again! That's like Stevie Wonder deciding to never sing again. We need you"

I can not thank you guys enough for all the kind words and even if you don't know it you are an  inspiration to me! You inspire me to keep going hard to bring you something you have not seen before. I love doing this and I don't see any breaks in the near future! Thanks Peeps!

Number 9: Where did you get your fabric from?

Gaffney Fabrics in Philadelphia


Number 10: "OMG that was so cool that you were able to get together on this venture. You both did a beautiful job and your photographs are fabulous. Great job."

It was such a nice get-together for our joint venture for the Monthly Stitch. Tasha made the trip to the city so we could take photographs of our designs together up close and personal. We ended our outing with dinner at a local Soul Food joint. I could not thank her enough for joining us, she is such a doll and she has a dimple to die for!
2015 was  a great year for my blog and I am excited to see what happens in 2016!
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  1. can you share how you made the black tier dress for the Pretty Girls Annual Rippin' Ain't Easy Sewing competition thanks

    1. That was a self drafted project, it's a short jumper with a jeweled collar and tiered maxi skirt. Sorry, I did not document the process of the jumper and skirt. You could mix patterns together to achieve the look or something similar. You can take a look at the photographs in detail if you're considering taking on this garment:

  2. Michelle,
    I swear sis you are my sewing SHERO! I truly admire your work and creativity! You are one blogger that I subscribed to right away and thats saying a lot for me as I barely have time to check out others as much as I would like being a blogger myself. But you Hunty are DA BOMB.COM Seriously you are soooooooo Awesome and I love that you support others just the same! I love this post and the best part about visiting your blog is I'm sure to be inspired and get some laughs in the process! You keep me on my toes and I'm always smiling when I check out that Black Chic!
    Love & Hugs

    1. Shari, I appreciate every work here! You are too kind but you should know my sista I was following you on FB for a minute. I was always super impressed by your style and your work. I am so glad we were able to connect and I swear with everything that I am gonna make it to Cali and do some shopping with you......fabric shopping that is! Thanks so much for your support!

  3. You had me at #1!!!! Great post! I look forward to 2016!

  4. Great review. I can't wait to see what you have in store for 2016.

  5. What an awesome annual wrap-up! You're going to have a great 2016!

  6. Love Gaffney's. Been going there since the 70's as a little kid and still go there since it is next door to my church. Keep up the awesome creativity

  7. Baby, you a beast on the machine... (In my New Orleans Accent) LOL!

  8. Not only are you SUPER talented and creative in sewing, and decor etc. You are also a Bomb ass blogger!! You have inspired me to go ahead and get started on mine! Thank you for all the inspiration. And I def give credit when it's due! Keep is going sista.

    1. Oni you got me feeling all fuzzy over here! Thanks so much and please let me know when you're bloggimg. Thanks for the love!


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