Friday, September 9, 2016

A DIY Denim Wrap Shirt Tutorial [Sew What? Series]

[This DIY wrap shirt was made for and modeled by my daughter Mori]

Although I don't like to re-post my Fabricmart posts, there are just sometimes I have to and this is one of those times. [You know my post will have more pictures cause that's what I do over here!] I have seen this DIY wrap shirt several times on Pinterest and several versions but I didn't see any made in denim. You know how much I love working with denim, so denim it was. I pinned version to my DIY'd board and that is what I used, with a few modifications. Most of the tutorials that I saw called for one yard of fabric, 44 inches wide and the shirt ties at the waist. But I wanted a longer version of this top.

1 yard fabric [I used 54 inch wide denim]
1 Pack of bias tape
Matching thread
Top-stitching thread

1. Cut fabric into three sections  2"X54"   27"X54"    5"X54"
[you need to determine if the width will wrap around for your size. This size wrapped around Mori's 29 inch waist and she is a 36 Bust]
2. We are starting with the skinny straps. [Cut on fold to make two pieces] 
Fold them in half and press. 
Fold each side into the middle and press. 
Fold in half, press and top-stitch.
 3. Now let's take care of the thicker straps [Cut on fold to make two pieces] 
Fold in half, right sides together with a slant at one end.
Turn over the with right side & press
Top-stitch each strap
 4. Mark the center of you big piece for your neck opening.
Use a round object to make your half circle.
Cut out your neck opening
5. Now take your bias tape and pin it around the right side of your neck opening
Sew bias tape in place
Clip seam around neck opening
Flip your bias tape to the other side and press

Top-stitch neckline [I did mine like denim but that is optional]
6. I made a little curve to the back of my top.[optional]
7. Hem your sides and bottom. You may want to double fold all the way around and hem. I serged my ends and folded once and top-stitched. I left my bottom salvage edges as they were.
 Here is what you should have right now. Your thin straps, your shirt and your thick straps.
8. Now you will need to measure to determine where you want your shirt to wrap at. I originally measured down 22 inches.  I ended up moving my straps up about 5 inches higher for this version.
The skinny straps should be attached to the front of the shirt
9. The thicker strap should be attached to the shirt back. [same placement as the front straps]

When I chose denim I was aware that some of the inside of the denim would be visible when wearing this wrap shirt. Keep this in mind when choosing fabrics if you decide to give it a go. Put it over your head and tie the skinny straps in the back and now wrap the back straps to the front. You can tie the belt in front or if it's long enough like ours was you can tie it in the back. **You will need to trim you skinny straps but try it on and make the decision on how short to cut them.
This is what I put up with in the middle of a shoot!!!



  1. Love it. Very good instructions.

    1. Thanks, this is one anybody can make and guess what? If your fabric is fabulous then you have a one of a kind fabulous wrap shirt that is most definitely going to be stunning.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree a quick picker upper or a diversion from something more complicated.

  3. Sista gurl I looooove this!!!!!! You know I'll have to cop this one and I WILL send you a pic and give you YOUR MUCH DESERVED PROPS!!!!, cuz that's what we're suppose to do!!!!

    1. Go head and do your thang, that's what the tutorial is for Mama!

  4. Replies
    1. Right this a so easy you can bust out a few in no time!

  5. Awesome top... Looks gorgeous as usual in your beautiful daughter.

  6. Clear and concise instructions. Another win Michelle! Great details in construction. Mori looks good in everything you make. Love those BOOTS!

  7. Very nice. . .love it! I like it tied both ways.

  8. Love love love. I will add this as a project for me soon.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Marcia and I hope you get a chance to make one and share.

  9. First impression-Your topstitching is AMAZING! Just beautifully done. Second-love that top, that could be a really versatile topper in many different fabrics-a wool with a great selvage edge would be my first thought, as an alternative to a more structured and formal blazer. This really has a lot of potential for customizing, doesn't it? Thanks so much for sharing it!

  10. Sew Cute! One day i will attempt is this a certain type of denmin?


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