Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Philly Fashion Week Runway Show I #PhillyFashionWeek

RUNWAY Show I Designers on deck:
Ke' Collection
Onyx by Onyx Taylor
Milano Dt Rouge
Ray Vincente
Burning Guitars
Ian Alexander
L. Revere
These Pink Lips
Cola Stylz Me
Nativ NY
Bishme Cromartie

Friday 9-23-16 was the first night of the RUNWAY shows. This was my first time attending a fashion show with a press-pass and it was a little overwhelming. trying to post to social media, take pictures and see the show, It wore me out. Next time I will have an assistant along for the ride! I'm warning you now, grab a drink and sit back because I'm taking you to this fashion-show through my photographs. I had fun this week and met a lot of interesting people and got to see some interesting fashions. I am not sure but I think I was being to critical when watching the shows because there were a lot of things I saw that hurt my heart and I wanted to go in the back and iron a few of the pieces that walked the runway. I guess that's the maker side of me verses the person just seeing the pretty dress on the model. But kudos to all the designers in the show, my hats off to anyone who has the drive and desire to take their brand to the next level, Kudos!

The first designer of the evening was Ke' Collection. I felt like his designs were catered to the more mature woman. The movement of his pieces will make you throw in a little sexy to your walk. I loved his black lace top with the white palazzo pant but that model was moving to fast for me to get a good picture. The stunner piece for me was that chocolate skirt with the tassels, love, love,love that piece. [Some of the the photographs are not great, I working out the kinks with a new flash along with my new camera. But I got better at the end of the night though.]
Next up was Onyx By Onyx Taylor. This was a pastel dream going on right here, Fabrics slowing everywhere. The theme was like aprons and capes. These pieces were casually chic.
This was my second show this week seeing Milano Di Rouge. Her collection is what I call real people clothes. I don't know if that is politically correct or not but that's what I call it. Her clothes are clothes that I could see my son or daughter wearing. They are not only made for the runway but for everyday wear. Don't get me wrong they ain't nothing to sleep on in a fashion-show but you can see these on the street as well as the runway.                         


This was my favorite designer of the night Burning Guitars is soooo dope! He is using all kinds of fabrics, recycled  and re-purposed pieces for his garments and you know I'm a sucker for refashioned denim! I love how free he is with his over the top pieces. Now majority of his work is that type of garment you would see on TV or in the magazines. I don't see many people walking the streets wearing things like this in my suburbs. You can see what I'm talking about with this first look which is a cross between RUN DMC & a blinged out Spiderman!
These Pink Lips designs bring out the artist in me. Long ago way back when I first started in fashion design, this was my niche. I painted clothes and appliqued words on everything. I called it my wearable art. Now I will say that my words on my clothing was far from what Iris yells out on her pieces but art is art. These clothes are explosions of colorful goodness that you couldn't help but stare at even if the explicit words were not on these pieces. Hers is a super bold statement and if you got the guts to wear it I ain't mad at you. 

Bishme had some popping pieces in his collection. Love the teal pieces and the gold leather creations were stunning!
Here are a few photos of the attendees of the show

Whew! I told you I was taking you to the show, so you have new seen The Runway I show through my eyes. This was an experience that I will treasure and who knows maybe next year you will see Michelle's designs on this runway??? 
 photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg

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