Friday, December 16, 2016

Looking for Magazine Contributors!

Pssst........ you out there.
Can I ask you something?
Are you an Artist, Designer, Seamstress, DIYer or a Crafts-person, Quilter, Pattern maker or a Sewing instructor? 
Are you a writer, Illustrator or a Photographer? 
Are you familiar with making tutorials, pictorials, diagrams with step by step instructions? 
If you are any of these people, I need you! 
If you're not but you know someone who is, I need them. 

**I am looking for Advanced or Professional skills sets
Serious inquiries send me your contact information to:
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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I know a young man but met quite by accident in a fabric store when I overheard him asking a question. He is very interesting, 24 and self taught. I offered to let him use my sewing studio when I found out he was sewing in a 100 degree garage at his dads. Turns out he has never used a pattern, just recently purchased an industrial machine and had been sewing everything's by hand and with a cheapie serger. He draws everything out on a piece of paper and does the math use by measurements emailed to him. Every time I offered him a tool he looked at me and said, "what's that". I showed him what a rotary cutter, pinking shears, chalk and a zipper foot is. He is a natural! Do you have an email address that I can use to attach a photo of an evening gown he just constructed for a 9 month pregnant woman. It will blow your mind! Sharon

    1. Now that's the kind of stories I'd be looking for my email is above.

  2. I'm sure they are busy, and have no idea if their skills/inclinations tend to writing instructions... but some obvious blogging world choices would be EricaB, and also the lady from 10 000 hours sewing blog. I think they realize their time is valuable as well, but that is something for you to figure out. :-)
    I had several thoughts...if you were to format the tutorials/instructions pages in a printable format to fit in a binder, that could be very popular.
    Also, if you wanted to run a series on regional origins of fabrics. African wax prints, Scottish textiles, Indian cottons, Indonesian batiks, heavy woven tent fabrics of the Middle East, and so on. Running several series at once would ensure ongoing interest. Photos of the tops and bottoms of specialty sewing machine feet, including a tutorial on how to use the feet, would be just awesome. Dyes, their origins, how they work, how to dye shibori style. One simple project per issue, each one including a technique not previously covered. When you talk about the origin story of a fabric, show it in a way that indicates its natural drape and how best to use it. Loads of ideas...too many really
    All back issues available as downloads.
    Mary in Thailand
    Rooting for you to do not just a good job, but a great job!

    1. Thank you so much Mary in Thailand and you have some great ideals here!

  3. I would love to be a contributor to your magazine!!! I think this is a great idea to have a craft and DIY Mag geared toward the urban community. You can count me in!!! You can visit my blog to get an idea of the different crafts and sewing projects that I have completed. My most recent project is a recycled denim rug using a self-drafted dresden pattern (not blogged yet). I have a fetish for denim myself but also like working with leather in which I need to do more of! I love shopping for different fabrics. I thrift store shop and have found some amazing and expensive fabrics....most recent find 4 yards of Italian wool (original tag still attached). I am also starting to work with African Wax Fabrics as well. Here is the link to my blog:

    1. Hey Aliec,
      Did you sent your contact info to the e-mail address? If not please do to get any info that I send, I will not be copying anything form the comments.

  4. Don't forget beads - many cultures have a long history with beads made from almost everything but glass. It seems nearly all beads shown in magazines today are seed & bugle beads.

    1. JustGail, I need you to send me some info or a link on what you're talking about. The magazine it going to feature sewing and DIY makers how would this fit in?


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