Friday, November 13, 2020

#Sewingbowlchallenge Accepted! Ohhh Lulu Denim Bra Top


Ohhh Lulu Denim Bra Top

Ok so the challenge was as follows:
1. Indie Pattern /Used Ohhh Lulu's Cindy bra (I hacked it a little)

2. Pajamas or undergarment/ Choose a bra
3. Color: Pastel/Used light blue
4. Solid fabric no prints
5. My choice of fabric type/Used a stretch denim

6. Finish 1 week/Finished 8 days …..I had a late start, a really late start like yesterday, I tried to use fabric from my stash, NO PASTEL FABRIC in my stash, I'm renovating my house, does any of this excuse me for being a day late??



  1. Absolutely love this! Bet no one else has made a Cindy in denim, which is a shame because this is AMAZING!

    1. Thanks, it was first for me and if it wasn't for the challenge it would not have happened.

  2. Very good outcome. Looks great. I like the square things in the straps.

    1. I was improvising with those and it turned out really cute! They are Metal Rectangle Ring Belt Buckle

  3. Loving this denim top!! Beautiful!!!

  4. You are a True designer. I hope some Big -Wig designer snatches you up and gives you that little rope you need to make it TO THE TOP!!! You honestly deserve to be there Michelle. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful designs. And your modeling is GREAT too. Packaged deal. Good luck, with you the Best!!


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