Friday, November 13, 2020

#Sewingbowlchallenge Accepted! Ohhh Lulu Denim Bra Top


Ohhh Lulu Denim Bra Top

Ok so the challenge was as follows:
1. Indie Pattern /Used Ohhh Lulu's Cindy bra (I hacked it a little)

2. Pajamas or undergarment/ Choose a bra
3. Color: Pastel/Used light blue
4. Solid fabric no prints
5. My choice of fabric type/Used a stretch denim

6. Finish 1 week/Finished 8 days …..I had a late start, a really late start like yesterday, I tried to use fabric from my stash, NO PASTEL FABRIC in my stash, I'm renovating my house, does any of this excuse me for being a day late??



  1. Absolutely love this! Bet no one else has made a Cindy in denim, which is a shame because this is AMAZING!

    1. Thanks, it was first for me and if it wasn't for the challenge it would not have happened.

  2. Very good outcome. Looks great. I like the square things in the straps.

    1. I was improvising with those and it turned out really cute! They are Metal Rectangle Ring Belt Buckle

  3. Loving this denim top!! Beautiful!!!


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