Monday, April 6, 2020

Sew What? Sequin's for McCall’s M6835

.........Sooooo I made this dress a while ago for Minerva Crafts but I never hit publish!! 

Ever heard the expression “cart before the horse”? It means you’re doing things in the wrong order. Well that’s what happened here, the shoes came before the fabric but it all worked out so well. When I saw these shoes in this neon yellow, I picked them up without giving it a second thought. That’s a bad habit I have when it comes to shoes. I live vicariously through Mori who can actually still wear the heels that I long ago gave up.

So, when you do things in this order, they tend to sit around waiting for the right outfit to make the magic happen. For me when I saw this sequin fabric from Minvera Crafts in neon colors, it was a done deal! I snatched up a few yards and decided that I wanted to make a caftan dress or shirt. I wanted something boxy and flowy. The pattern that landed on the cutting table was McCall’s M6835, I’d made it once before and thought that the sequin fabric would work well for this dress. Sorry folks this pattern is out of print.

This is not a lined dress so I added bias tape to all my raw edges so that it would not scratch against the skin at the seams. The pattern calls for a sash belt but I opted to created a fabric covered belt with a big buckle. I added the gold buckle and then opted to cover the buckle with a knit neon yellow fabric that matches the sequin fabric to give this dress the monochromatic look that I was going for. I used a new denim needle for this project and as always you can remove the sequins in the seam areas so that you don't have to deal with sewing over them.

I’ve been seeing sequin fabrics all on my timeline lately and many of them are form right here at Minerva Crafts! They have solids and such fun prints. Next on my cutting table is this multi-colored beauty and I have a Holiday dress in mind for this print or maybe a suit because a blazer would be killer but I also was thinking of doing a flowy trench coat, so you’ll just need to stay tuned to see what happens next!

Hope this inspires you to give sequins an chance and don't forget to drop back by for what's happening next! Thanks a bunch. 


  1. It's gorgeous as usual! Hope life is treating you well during these unusual times.

  2. Ooh, I love it -- the pattern and the monochromatic look. I can't wear the heels either, but so what.


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