Friday, October 4, 2013

If you have a trick I'll give you a treat.. or something like that

Halloween used to be some of the best nights of my life! It's not the same now-a-days, the kids come to the door and they don't want to work for the treats. I mean show me a dance read a poem do a back flip, you got to do something for my candy! I used to get the kids with that all the time. I'd be like show me a trick and they would look at me like, lady are you serious? What I'm sharing with you today is  what I'm calling Halloweenish designs & decorations. (yes I made up my own word) Black is scary for some people and these designs take the fear out of Black, OK maybe not but they are cool to look at in somebody else's house or in a magazine maybe? I'm just sayin'


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