Thursday, October 17, 2013

Who's Ideal was it to paint anyway? (Family room update)

......and the painting begins. I took off from work Tuesday & Wednesday because I had some painting to do. I can work better when I am alone. So lets see Tuesday I set my alarm for 9 AM and that was a joke because I kept hitting my snooze button until 10 AM. So I get up cook some breakfast, sat in front of the computer messing around and when I noticed the time it was almost 1 PM. So now I get on my paint clothes and I go down to the family room and froze when I hit the last step, I forgot about that dam bathroom down stairs. I had to clear everything out and clean that bathroom before I could do anything else. I ended up going into the basement and cleaning that because I needed a empty table for the things from the bathroom. You know it was now 5 PM and I had not cracked open a can of paint yet, but I did manage to get everything taped up and tarp on the floors.

Wednesday didn't fair much better. I got up about 10 AM got dressed and went to the store to pick a few things that I needed and to look at toilets. I ended up at Walmart and ended up getting home a little after 2 PM.  Put all the groceries away sat down for a bit and finally cracked open a can of paint at 5 PM. As you can see I have time management issues or it's probably that I really do not want to paint. I'm a little anal when painting so I usually do it myself so that I know if comes out right. My daughter does the corners.

Here is the Navy wall second coat was drying when  I took this pix, hope I don't need to put another coat on. The color looks a little dull in this pix, I will take better shot. So it's now 12:45 AM and I am going to bed. We'll see what Thursday brings in regards to painting.
 photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg



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