Sunday, May 25, 2014

Miss Piggy hand-made Sequin Jacket Applique

If you've been following me you know that my daughter's nick-name is Miss Piggy. While I am in my, I think I want to sew something stage, I decided I was going to make my daughter a Tulle Skirt. I saw a inspiration picture and the girl had on a Miss Piggy shirt with a Tu-Tu. I am making a maxi tulle skirt and I thought a denim vest would look really cute and decided to incorporate a  sequin picture of Miss Piggy on the back of the vest. Now this takes me way back because I used to make hand-painted t-shirts and I used sequins all the time. So I rolled up my sleeves and it was on and popping. I almost ended up painting the picture because I could not find any pink sequins but I did and  all I got to say is Ta-Daaaaa! This was a fternoon project, once you get to gluing you get into a rhythm and it goes by fast. Here was the process.
I used an old pair of jean to cut out the canvas for my applique.

I was going to paint this Andy Warhol  inspired picture of Miss Piggy. I went to a local craft store looking for sequins and I could not pink the individual packs with pink. So I started this and decides to wait until the next day and check another craft store for pink sequins.

I found the pink sequins so this is the picture I am using.

Ink drawing

Traced with a sharpie

Here we go!

I added a little bling to her pearls

Her awesome eyelashes made with Glitter Vinyl fabric.

Fierce Hunty!


Frayed the edges.


Wha-la! Next step adding to the vest...stay tuned!



  1. There it is Missy Piggy in the making. That looks like you need tons of patience to create, good job.

  2. It's not that once you get in the zone.

  3. This takes me back to when you used to sell your custom sequin shirts! Great job

    1. I know! I got right back in the swing of things once I started gluing.

  4. Michelle...i LOVE.. your creativity. It is like no other. I am a lifetime fan.

  5. HI I absolutely love this and plan on making one for myself. I have a few questions... I noticed on her ears, the inside is a different pink then the outside. Did you mix those colors and put them on her face or is it just one color? Also what type of paint did you use for her lips and eyes?

    Thank you so much for this inspiration!!!

    1. Hi Meisa, There are two differnt pinks and I used fabric paints.


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