Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY Share: Discharge Tye-Dye T-Shirts with ArJeiEmSi (Tele-VISION)

While searching YouTube for DIY videos I came across this Bleach Tye-Dye tutorial which I thought was pretty cool. Not far off from my own Bleach DIY Star Spangled Shorts. This is a little more detailed using a custom made stencil. I think that it's worth sharing and I have this on my must try lists, my problem is I hate making detailed stencils they are toooo time consuming. So here goes and if you have any ideals such as this that you want to share Holla at me on FB!



  1. Thank you for the preview, you can check a full description of How I make the t-shirts in the "show more" part of the text underneath the video, also another Idea to creating stencils would be, to study Shadows of things you like, palm trees, flowers, fences, anything that makes a shadow, just cut out anything that is not the shadow (all the white) and you will end up with the perfect stencils, Also you can use clip art solid objects/forms to create... Happy experimenting! Papavish OM Levinar... Actua CREA Plasma... Act CEATE Manifest... World Peace by Self-Expression in All Forms....PEACE! sincerely, Ricardo Maté (ArJeiEmSi)

    1. WOW! Thanks for dropping by, love your work! Thanks for the info!


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