Sunday, September 15, 2013

Can I Eat On Your Wall?

I think Not! This was an old project when I first decided I wanted an All white living Room, well mostly white with a little color here and there. My sister and I made our ever so adventurous drive to IKEA. We almost always got lost either going or coming home on these trips. Have no fear we have mastered the route now. 

So I was looking for something interesting fro my white walls and I came across these SNAR place mat in birch. I was thinking I could paint these and cover my wall. So I purchased all 33 mats they had in the store. When I got home and sized out the situation I found out I needed 12 more place mats. 

My sister made a solo trip, I think she had to return some items and they were restocked with the mats at that point and so she picked them up for me. Oh and she did not get lost either direction, at least that's what she told me. So the reason that this old design came up is I was visiting IKEAHACKERS.NET and put up a few pixs of my Ikea hack!

 The final result


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