Saturday, September 14, 2013

Family Room Fabric

This is what I'm working on now and these are my inspiration fabrics, wall decor and colors. Nothing has been finalized because I just ordered my fabric from Calico Corners in Fla and I need to verify the shade on my PLUME fabric by Thomas Paul in Peacock, that's the fabric in the middle with the feathers...LOVE this fabric..LOVE it!

So the story goes I found it at several fabric stores and the prices were ranging from $38.99 up to $56.99. Now the project that I have in mind is to reupholster a chair and there was no way I was spending that kind of cash on this fabric. So I found out the this was a discontinued fabric for Calico Corner and it was on clearance online for $16.99, this I can do. Wouldn't you know they sold out when I realized this, so I let it go and decided to move on with my life. 

So I had my family room gutted and now it was time to get busy and I came right back to this  damn fabric, I called the Calico Corners headquarters and they told me that if one of their stores had the fabric they would ship it, she told me two stores still had this in peacock, I called today and ordered the 5 yards that they had in the Fla store and it will go out on Monday and the amazing price per yard was $18.49. 
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