Thursday, September 19, 2013

Now it's time for a little ZeBra in the BathRoom!

I warned you I was all about ZeBra, so here goes!
This is the fourth makeover for my bathroom and although the first makeover was my most proudest, because I was a new homeowner, this is my second fav!

The painting process....can you say fifty million coats of white paint? I can.

This wall art was the original shower curtain that I bought for the makeover from IKEA. I liked it but I was not in love with it, then as you know my visit to target solved all my problems. I still had this shower curtain and I only paid $10 for it so it was not big loss if I did not use it. I needed some artwork and I had this big empty frame that I was going to use. I looked over  on my bed and saw the shower curtain and thought I could use this as a canvas piece and there is hangs. I call it "Circles of Ikea"

Target is  a hot spot of mine for home accessories and when I took my trip to my local target to look for window curtains, I was blown away that I found this grey and white zebra print shower curtain, it was meant to be and so it was!


  Love it? Hate it? Like it? Leave a comment~That Chic~

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