Sunday, November 24, 2013

Faux Taxidermy& My adventures in creating my own master pieces: Let me formally introduce you to Lola & Lilly

This is that, it was so worth the trouble moment right here. You have been with me through all the deliveries, the broken heads and now you can share in this proud moment to show you the end results to all my madness. They are complete and ready to go on that navy wall.

My inspiration HERE $94.99 each & $111.00 Shipping
I needed Two heads for my wall.  
Let's do the math that totals $300.98

The  heads I chose below HERE $53.46 each & free shipping
Two heads $113.33 Paint $10.84 plus a 
priceless experience totals $124.17 
This is Lola above on the left and Lilly on the right. 
I wiped them down and the paint started coming of of Lola's ear, I was like WTF! 
The only reason I did not throw a fit is because I was going to paint them.

First coat on Lola or Lilly I can't tell them apart anymore

My painting studio, also known as my back yard. 
I am putting on the third coat adding the gloss now.

These are the spray paints that I used.

I figured I would start with Walmart brand  (Blue can in front $.96) for the base coats. 
If you have ever spray painted anything that required multiple coats
 you understand when I say my fingers were sore when I was done.

Since I wanted a really nice high gloss finish I chose 
Krylon (The white can in front $4.94) this has primer mixed in it.
When I started spraying with this paint, I was amazed and decided that this paint was 
worth every penny. The reason I say this is because I put the slightest touch
 to start spraying and the spray flew out of the can. If came out effortlessly and my 
fingers were not sore when I finished. It doesn't  always pay 
to be cheap as I am learning with these pieces!
I made a mental note to check spray heads from now on to 
only buy cans that spray like this Krylon! It's just worth it.

Four coats of paint, all shiny and pretty!

Going to put one final coat and they will fineto!
         photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg

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  1. This was well worth all your time and effort, I like Lola & Lilly!


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