Sunday, November 10, 2013

One of my elephant heads have arrived, Broken!

So I looked into faux taxidermy for my family room and I didn't realize how expensive that sh*t was. When I wasn't into it I saw the faux white taxidermy all across America at reasonable prices. Even target had some. So in my search for two large elephant heads I found them on-line in grey and I thought I can paint them white. The prices I was finding for the heads that were already white were  $100.00 and up.  I found the grey ones for $53.00. with free shipping. So it was a no brain-er for me. One of my heads arrived Friday and when the Mailman handed me the box I heard things moving and I thought this can't be good. I was right. One tusk was broken off and a piece from the back of the head was broken. So I'm just waiting for the other one to come and see if that one is good before I send this one back. I was feeling disappointed!

This view is looking into the box before removing the head

See where the tusk used to be

The broke back

There she is, when I get the replacement and paint it white she'll be a beauty!
                                                photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg

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