Sunday, November 3, 2013

I met Daniella today at Walmart!

I stopped by Walmart to pick up another gallon of paint for the family room and I met this woman who was trying to decide on a paint color . She had a PLUM and a NAVY swatch. She gave the plum swatch to the clerk to mix but she kept changing her mind between the two colors. I asked her what she was painting and she said her bathroom and she said her connecting room was a teal color. I said, "the plum may come out purple looking and since I'm on this navy kick that is my choice." Although she said the color does not have to match the teal, navy would go nicely with that color. She said "navy it is!" and as he was beginning to mix she said wait! The clerk said, "do you want more time to decide?" She said, "no I want the NAVY." So Daniella (I hope I'm spelling her name correctly), I hope the navy is all you want it to be. I didn't get to ask you but I hope you realized that it's going to be a dark space when you put the navy on those walls. The clerk who mixed the paint (I don't know his name) said something like now you two can exchange numbers. I started writing and gave her my website and he was like "I was only kidding". Daniella, if you are out there or visit the site, send me a pic!

I'm pretty sure  number 4 is the exact paint she purchased  Glidden: Navy Rich!
                                                             photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg

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