Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mori's journey trying out for the Philadelphia Soulmates

 Mori's dream is to dance with a professional team. This year she is trying out for the Philadelphia Soulmates. I captured a few moments of her journey. (Wish her luck!)

Her full body shot that we took the night before the try-outs. 
Nothing like last minute! Her abs look awesome.

Sat Nov 2,2013
First round of try-outs. I waited for the call and the tone says it all. She said,  "Mom I'm so mad at myself. I had the dance down and when it came time to perform it in our groups I messed up. We did it a second time and I  did better but still messed up." I said, "Well maybe you impressed them enough that they will put you through and the big hair may be a plus also." So we ended that call and a few hours later she called sounding happy and said, "I made it to the next round!"
Here are all the semi finalists

Sunday Nov 3,2013
So now this chic and I have to go out and buy new make-up. She doesn't normally wear make-up and they said that everything had to be bigger that the first day of try-outs. So we get to Ulta and we meet Ashley. We tell her she needs something bold and we had no idea where to start. She asks what color and I say purple sounds good, so purple it was! Ashley went to work on Mori's face. We tried purple and grey/silver, purple won but the silver looks hot in the pictures.

Here we are with both options!  $111.30 will get you this look
 (not both colors one or the other)!

We went back to tip Ashley and take a photo! Thanks Ashley.

So while we were out we decided to look for a top. The next round for try-outs is Tuesday, no time to waste. We were looking for something unforgettable and I think we may have found it. Spikes anyone? 
She's not sure if this is too much or not, so she may not use it. We shall see, we shall see.

Tuesday Nov  5,2013
Photos from the first day of boot camp

Thursday Nov 7,2013
So the story ends for now she did not make the finals but she's contemplating trying out for another team!
<3 This Girl!
                                                              photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg

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