Thursday, January 16, 2014

DIY: Denim Clutch-Your jeans , your style

I'm on a roll with these purses right now. I made this piece of fabulousness by mistake
 but a unique mistake it turned out to be. My daughter claimed this purse already. 
If you saw my post for the fabric clutch this is almost the same except
 this is bigger and no closure is attached to this clutch.
If you make it send me a picture so I can post it!!

  • A pair of jeans
  • A thin fabric for lining
  • Fusible fleece
  •  A stiff Fusible interfacing
  • Purse closures I used 3 larges sew in snaps, you can use anything
  • Thread
  • Scissors/Ruler/Marker or chalk
  • Denim needles for your sewing machine

Let's get this party started
I used a pair of my sons jeans that  he outgrew. 

OK so remember I told you this was mistake? 
Well I took off my belt loops  for my original plan. Since that 
 did not work out , I say leave the belt loops on.  
You can cut your square out on what ever angle you want to. 
I knew I wanted part of the label on my purse so
 I cut close to the top as I could get but on a slight angle.  
Here is the interfacing, fleece, lining and denim  
Interfacing fused in the center of the denim and then 
the fleece fused on top of that in the middle. 
Watch your iron setting as you can see mine was a little too hot.  
 Your layers on the back of the denim.
Facing the lining and the denim with right sides together, 
stitch an 1/2 inch seam across the 15 inch edge and bottom. 
Turn the purse right-side out, press seams and them press flat. 
Now fold in half with the lining inside. Stitch 3/8 inch 
seams on each side and trim down to 1/8 inch.  

Turn inside out ad stitch the sides with a 3/8 inch seam 

Turn over to the right side and press purse, your clutch will be 
finished right after you add what-ever your  using for your closure.  
All the pockets are usable.  

Direct Instructions:
1. Cut  fabric (outer fabric, lining and fusible interfacing) 17 inches tall  by 15 inches wide. Trim down  the interfacing about 1/8 inch on all sides. Cut a 15 by 11 1/2 piece of  the fusible fleece. Fuse the interfacing on the wrong side of the outer fabric and then fuse the fleece in the center  of the interfacing.

2. With the right sides of the outer fabric and lining together sew a 1/2 inch seam along the 15" edges, now turn over to the right side, press seams open and then press flat.

3. Now fold the purse in half matching the sewn seams at the top, lining should be on the inside of the folded fabric. Stitch your side together with a 3/8 inch seam. (yes you are sewing on the outside/right-side of the purse) trim that seam down to 1/8 inches on both sides,snip your bottom corners. Turn your purse inside out now sew the side edges again with a 3/8 inch seam. This creates a french seam.Now turn the purse right-side out one more time. (I know this is a lot of back and forth with this thing!)

4.  Press your purse if necessary before applying you snaps. Mark your purse inside where you will sew in 3-4 large  snaps or get more creative and add some other type of closure to your clutch. You can also take some other scraps from your jeans and make a strap for the wrist or shoulders, it's your style you choose!

                                               photo 35845374-bce1-426b-9e7a-633f43c85d42_zps12c60185.jpg


  1. Nice job, I wish I could sew.

    1. The great thing is you don't really need ton know how to sew to make these purses. If you have a relative or a friend with a sewing machine you are in business!!! they can help you sew straight line, no tricks I promise.

  2. Replies
    1. I did this on a whim, it was not planned but I like it. This seems to be a favorite on my blog.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Nina! This was a project that started out in one direction and ended up with what you see, Cuteness and easy to make.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Das! I always have a great time refashioning denim

  5. Replies
    1. Please do and share it! If you follow my tutorial let me know what you thought and was it clear. Thanks for stopping by Dannette.


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