Thursday, January 2, 2014

Home offices with Style

I have a home office in my bedroom and some people may not like that. I do because I hate laptops and I use a PC that is mine, mine, mine. I have to have this in a separate room from my kids computers so they do not use mine. So I took the corner in my room and added a desk to make my own little bedroom office if you will.  I now present to you my bedroom office.

Oh look what was on my computer screen........

Here below are some other ideals that I located using a Google search.

LOVE this desk!

Below are closets turned into offices

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  1. Love your little corner where you put your office. This just goes to show even in a small space there is always the possibility! Thanks for the post.

    1. That is exactly my point Lisa, you can do the things you want within your space, you just need to be creative. ~That Chic~

    2. Michelle, I'm embarking on a journey to transform my home that I must admit is suffering from a bit of neglect. You have truly inspired me. One challenge I am having is where to set up my office and where to set up my sewing space. Currently, the sewing space is in the living room. That's not working because I now have fabric EVERYWHERE. I'm wondering where do you do all your sewing? Do you have a sewing room set aside?

    3. Well Ayana let me first start by saying I am sewing in my dining room right now. ( I was using my spare room as my sewing room) I started remodeling my basement into my sewing space but this sewing competition Rippin Ain't Easy that started in March has delayed that project. This week is the last week of the competition so I figure Early July I will be in my new sewing room. I say you can use a corner anywhere you can get it if you do not have a separate space for your office or sewing room...THE PROBLEM IS YOU HAVE TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOU'RE DONE if you are using a community space. You can utilize functional containers that are not an eyesore if you do not have another option..spray paint does wonders! An area rug is a great way to define a space for your office/sewing area. Let me know what happens! ~Michelle~


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